Article recommendations week #38 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #38 2017

Strength Training Articles


Fitness & Power explained how to Use Time Under Tension to Build Serious Muscle Mass the relation between time under tension and hypertrophy.

Muscle & Fitness listed the most popular and The Best Apps For Tracking Your Strength Workouts

Nancy Newell shared Bench Press Do’s and Don’ts for Athletes how and why athletes should Bench Press a certain way.

Breaking Muscle outlined

Andrew Hemming published Your Complete Guide to Building a Stronger Grip outlining different forms of grip strength and how to train them. Everyone who has increased his strength levels over time has certainly experienced, that grip strength becomes a limiting factor in many strength exercises. A good argument to train your grip strength.

Elite FTS shared

and part 2 here… published a guide to Pull-Ups, The Beginners Guide To Pull-Ups including Live Tutorial with Q&A, a long tutorial, but worth watching. Check it out

T-Nation shared

The Barbell Physio explained Aerobic System Development For The Fitness Athlete a really good outline of energy systems and the importance of the aerobic energy system, check it out

Eric Cressey asked Are You Training Mobility or Just Mobilizing? discussing what mobility is and what are the stimuli for increased mobility and how to train for it.

The Insider listed 5 exercises everyone does wrong — and how you can do them right simple and solid article.

Simplifaster published The Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes with Video Analysis the do’s and don’ts of video analysis.

Tony Gentilcore explained 5 Ways I Include Single Leg Training In My Programs why you need single leg training, how to incorporate it into your training program and what is not single-legged training.

The Huffington Post outlined Ten Benefits of Strength Training benefits not only for athletes but also for everyday people.

Complementary Training shared an article on Managing High-Performance Teams

[Part1] I like the approach of using agile project management techniques and apply it to the high-performance world.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed Terminator vs Rambo who would win the ultimate battle? It’s quite entertaining, even though I believe no one could ever beat Rambo ;-) check what Rambo’s instructor Trautman’s has to say

However, they also discuss how to structure your training if you have work commitments, how to incorporate conditioning into the training plan, if you want content and value, different training plans and strategies for lifters of different body weights, check it out


Nutrition Articles

Picture Fit discussed Do Low Carb Diets Really Work? The mechanisms, why low-carb diets work, check it out


Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack listed 7 Unhealthy Habits to Stop to Improve your Kids Fitness not that difficult to avoid but requires most often a new habit formation to find better choices.

Speed Training Articles

YLM Sports Science explained Hamstring Activation: Acceleration vs Maximum-Speed Phases Of Sprinting really interesting to see how the muscle activation changes during the different phases of the sprint cycle.

Agility Training Articles

Simplifaster listed 5 Ways to Elevate Your Agility Training and Boost Athletic Skills explaining, what agility is and what agility is not (very important, since it’s very often misunderstood) and how to best train for agility development.

Power Training Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Build Explosive Power With This Piece of Crap how to use Bench Throws to develop upper body power and avoid the deceleration phase that is part of the regular Bench Press.

Train Heroic outlined 3 Common Power Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them definitely the most common mistakes (but also very often prescribed as training variables by some authors).

Plyometric Training Articles

Strong By Science explained How to Organize Plyometrics into Your Workout an excellent article how to incorporate Plyometrics into your training based on short SSC (stretch-shortening cycle) activities or long SSC activities, how to cue and plyometric exercise examples.

Optimal Movement outlined what Plyometrics & Power are, a good overview.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

T-Nation shared

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined the first part of  Pillars Of Squat Technique discussing the set-up for a successful squat. Check it out

Shredded By Science explained the biomechanics behind different squat variations, check it out, worth watching

Alan Thrall explained the benefits of the Paused Squat and how to do it and programming consideration, check it out


Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics outlined Individual Variation in Weightlifting: Effects & Solutions how different body dimension of athletes affects different positions in the Olympic Lifts. A great article, I remember the professor is was working for during my studies always talked about  ‘variabilities & constancies’ of sporting technique.

Elite FTS outlined the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting for Strongman Athletes

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Single-Legged Romanian Deadlift outlining a simple cue to improve your stability during the single-legged RDL.

Elite FTS listed 9 Strategies to Deadlift 900 simple, but effective strategies.