Article recommendations week #37 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #37 2018

Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS explained

  • Strategic Variation: The Misunderstood Key to Long-Term Growth, what strategic variation is, and what not, how often to vary, the importance of understanding phase potention and strategic variation examples.
  • Learn to Train X – 20, the evolution of Dave Tate’s training, the learnings accumulated over 2 decades. Check it out

T-Nation shared

Simplifaster presented The Best Conditioning Test You’ve Never Heard Of an interesting variation of a field test, that can be done with large groups.

Starting Strength discussed Strength Training and Mental Health, the influence of strength training on cognitive function and also the positive benefits of strength training on mental health. Check it out

The Bar Bend outlined the Turkish Get Up Ultimate Guide, the Turkish Get Up form and technique, benefits, muscles worked, set and rep schemes, programming considerations and Turkish Get Up variations and alternatives.

Aleksey Torokhtiy explained his approach to an effective Warm-Up, what a warm-up does and adding his personal spin to it.

Train Heroic outlined the different sources of energy and the basics of macro-nutrients and how they influence the fueling process in the article Energy Systems 101 Part 2: What Every Coach Really Needs to Know!

  • also, check out the energy system basics in part 1 of this series

Juggernaut Training Systems shared

  • All About Hypertrophy, the hypertrophy guides for all body parts in one place.
  • an interview with Mark Fitzgerald, director of strength & conditioning for the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks, discussing how to become a strength & conditioning coach, long-term-athlete development and youth hockey culture, challenges of training hockey players like balancing aerobic development with speed/power and more.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS explained The Importance of Recovery for Youth Athletes, often times it’s assumed, that the young body literally recovers by itself. This article raises a few good points, why also you athletes should care about recovery.

Stack outlined Why Young Athletes Should Utilize the Lateral Plyometric Jump the benefits of lateral jumping for the development of young athletes

Nutrition Articles

PictureFit discussed Is Collagen Good for Building Muscle? what collagen is, why it works for joint health and the research on collagen’s positive influence on building muscle mass. Check it out

Jeff Nippard asked Do Detox Diets Work For Fat Loss & Health? defining what detox is, looking at the available research papers, that looked at detox interventions, and which nutrients have a detoxification component, and which of the popular detox claims are simply just a myth. Check it out

Squat Articles

The Barbell Physio outlined Squat Anthropometry, how body dimensions influence squat mechanics and the basics of squatting mechanics. Check out the explainer video

Stack demonstrated a single leg variation with a KB and 1,5 reps in the article This Single-Leg Squat Variation Will Scorch Your Quads and Glutes. Also, check out the video

Barbell Shrugged discussed Hex Bar Squats, what Heck Bar Squats are, the differences between a squat pattern and a deadlift pattern, the technical execution, programming considerations, Check it out

Elite FTS shared Dave Tate’s Opinion on Lebron James’ Squat, Lebron’s squat video has led to a few comments on his squatting technique, check out Dave Tate’s take on it, I definitely align with his comment, that it’s more important how he plays basketball

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics explained Hip Contact In The Snatch – How To Keep The Bar Close the importance of making contact with the hip, the right contact point and bar trajectory, and how to train the correct bar trajectory. Check out the explainer video

Aleksey Torokhtiy explained How to Snatch: Beginners Guide of Olympic Weightlifting / Torokhtiy & Rebeka, unfortunately, it’s not in English, so you need to activate the subtitles to complement the visual instructions. Check it out

However, his English isn’t too bad, check out the interview I did with him