Article recommendations week #36 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #36 2018

Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS shared

  • Max Effort and Dynamic Effort Programming, the benefits of max effort programming and dynamic effort programming, and example training templates for the different programming variations.
  • What Inspired You To Get Into Powerlifting/Meeting Arnold with Ed Coan and Dave Tate, not sure whether it adds a lot of value, but it’s just a good chat ;-)

Coach Mag UK explained How To Get Stronger, a simple straight-forward outline of how to get stronger – use the basics.

Aleksey Torokhtit showed a creative way to train your forearms, check it out

T-Nation shared

Stack outlined how elimination can lead to improvement in the article What Athletes Don’t Do Matters, too.

Breaking Muscle described

  • Does Lifting Position Matter? a really interesting outline presenting a study on how lifting kinematics changes depending on their natural spinal curvature. And again, the old saying ‘Don’t squeeze a square peg into a round hole’holds true.
  • A Sustainable Approach To Gaining Muscle outlining a few fallacies of the muscle gain theory and better alternatives how to make sustainable gainz.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared

  • Andrei Chemerkin | Strength History Minute, one of the strongest Olympic Weightlifters of his time. Check it out

I still remember the 1996 Olympic Games, where he came out and took the gold medal with his last attempt and sending Ronny Weller, the German lifter into the silver medal position.

  • The JuggLife | Frank Wintrich, the Director of Football Performance at UCLA with an interesting and insightful interview of the unique challenges of collegiate football. Check it out

Nutrition Articles outlined the principles of flexible dieting, the need to do’s and the nice to do’s in the video Layne Norton On Why Flexible Dieting Really Works. Check it out

Dr. John Rusin shared Metabolic Flexibility: How To Use Carbs And Fat As Fuel, what metabolic flexibility, an outline of the different energy system and metabolic flexibility templates.

Barbell Shrugged discussed Metabolic Flexibility and Micronutrients w/ Dr. Mike T Nelson, a long and interesting chat about what metabolic flexibility is and how to master micronutrients and heart rate variability.

Squat Articles

Elite FTS listed 3 Ways to Add a Secondary Squat Day and outlining the benefits of a secondary squat day, as well as appropriate squat variations for that secondary squat day.

Omar Issuf outlined The Hidden Issue Behind Many Bad Squats, how over-pronation and over-supination of the foot can lead to problems and how to fix it. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics explained Pressure Vs. Balance In The Snatch, Clean & Jerk outlining the distinct differences between pressure on the foot vs balance and the implications for the Olympic Lifts. Check out the explainer video

Zack Telander asks Don’t Pulverize Your Pubic Bone, a hard contact with the hip during the Snatch is a problem for a lot of athletes. This video outlines how to use your hips and legs effectively and corrective exercises to do that. Check it out

Also check out this example of an effective use of the hips and legs from Aleksey Torokhtiy during the seminar we hosted together

Deadlift Articles 

The Bar Bend discussed Beltless Deadlifts: Their Benefits and How to Use Them, the basics of beltless training, what the research says, practice-based evidence and the benefits of beltless training.