Article recommendations week #36 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #36 2017

Strength Training Articles and the Buff Dudes listed Top 5 Exercises for Core Strength, it looks like after 20 years of discussing the role of the core and its’ importance, the Buff Dudes come back to the old school exercises Sit-Ups, Roll-outs, Russian Twist and Back Extensions, check it out

Coach Mag explained How To Get Strong collating the advice of 50 strength experts.

Men’s Fitness summarized 10 strength-building strategies that will never die good, clear and simple stuff.

Did you hear about CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and what it can do? I have heard about it about 20 years ago when I was a young sports science student… Picture Fit looked at recent studies on the topic CLA and Fat Loss, check it out

Fitness & Power busted a myth very common myth in the article Why High Reps Do Not “Tone” Your Muscles short and concise outline of muscular physiology.

Elite FTS outlined

  • A Contrarian’s Approach to Building Muscle tackling a non-conventional approach to building muscle mass and getting ripped.
  • Arm Training for Strength Athletes using some unconventional arm exercises to strengthen the upper arm and lower arm.
  • Personality Differences in Powerlifting, very interesting to see, that the training approach is the same, only the approach to communication changes depending on personality, check it out

T-Nation shared

  • The 5 Most Common Programming Myths looking at common programming with and the need for context in the strength programming process.
  • Tip: Inverted Face Pulls what is actually really interesting about this exercise variation, is that it changes the punctum fixum and punctum mobile. What does that mean? During the regular Face Pull, the distal end moves towards the proximal end, in this variation the proximal end moves towards the distal end which is important in sports where you propel your body forwards, such as swimming, climbing and also martial arts to a certain extent. Check out the variation

This difference between punctum fixum and punctum mobile (and the categorization into open-chain exercise and closed-chain exercise) is also the biggest difference between Pull-Ups vs Pull-downs, I have explained that in the article Pulling – More than a big Back and Wide Lats

YLM Sport Science explains the importance of context when discussing scientific studies, and even more important, when drawing conclusions from scientific studies – great infographic!

Ultimate Rugby Sevens explained their approach to Lifestyle & Fitness – The Competitors Pyramid quite interesting.

The Strength Sensei discussed why you should Ditch The Motivation & Find Success and replace motivation with good habits. Along the lines of the famous Jim Rohn quote, ‘Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Breaking Muscle discussed

Eric Bach explains How To Row Like A Pro, ‘Bro outlining the benefits of rowing exercises, as well as the best rowing variations.

Robertson Training Systems asked What Is “SPORTS SCIENCE”?  discussing the role of sports science the possibilities and limitations.

Following up on the last week’s podcast with Nick Littlehale‘s about sleeping Simplifaster published the book review of Nick Littlehale’s book ‘Sleep’.

Shredded By Science discussed Stretching Before Training, Pain or Gain? presenting a study, that looked at Powerlifters that either did stretching or didn’t do stretching before their training. Check out the results

Apple Insider explained How to integrate iPhone into your strength training regimen showcasing a few useful app that can be integrated into the strength training program.

Renaissance Periodization made a guide about training principle and training philosophies in the article Dr. Mike Israetel Compilation

Train Heroic explained the 4 Phase Injury Recovery Roadmap

[A Coach’s Guide] outlining the different phases and what to do in each phase.

The Barbell Physio reviewed scientific studies on the topic Blood Flow Restriction Training For Endurance Gains and showcasing, that Blood Flow Restriction can also lead to improvements in endurance performance parameters.

Eric Cressey took a dive into how he developed his coaching philosophy in the article The Success is in the Struggle worth reading.

Simplifaster discussed ‘Science’ and the Barbell Hip Thrust how to interpret the science, key questions to ask and providing guidance the decision-making process appropriate exercise selection.

Juggernaut Training Systems explained Peaking Programming and Mentality. To make it short, it’s all about planning. But check out, how much in depth you can go into the different areas that need to considered in your planning process outlined in the video

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack explained How to Improve Your Basketball Explosiveness in the Weight Room a good article how to address the ovemet patterns of the sport in the weight room environment, just a bit confused about the last paragraph ‘The X-Factor’, seems like a pattern interrupt…

Renaissance Periodization published Plyometrics, Resistance Training, and Hypertrophy a review of scientific studies to answer the question whether Plyometric Training has an effect on muscular hypertrophy. Quite interesting results.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Bar Bend shared 4 Things I Learned Setting a Squat World Record in 4 Different Weight Classes lessons from Amit Sapir Powerlifter and (extremely strong) Bodybuilder.

Elite FTS outlined Alternatives to Squat Training After Overuse Injuries how to manipulate different variables to get back into squatting.

Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend published How to Master the Clean Pull Under one of the best assistant exercises to teach the athlete to actively pull under the bar, also called the third pull by some coaches.

Stack explained How to Master Your Clean and Jerk Form a good outline of the Clean & Jerk technique, as well as providing Jerk alternatives to the Split Jerk.

All Things Gym shared Lu Xiaojun 170kg Snatch 2017 Chinese National Games check out the impressive lifts from Lu Xiaojun

170 kg Snatch

196 kg Clean & Jerk

Aleksey Torokhtiy published the technical execution of the Hang Clean, all you need to know in under 60 seconds, check it out

Deadlift Articles

Men’s XP listed 5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making if you avoid these mistakes, you’ll be sure on your way to Deadlift success.

Breaking Muscle asked Powerlifters: Do You Need To Overhead Press? discussing whether Powerlifters need to include the Overhead Press, pro’s and con’s.

Tony Gentilcore outlined 3 Ways To Improve Your Deadlift Without Deadlifting showcasing different strength exercises and providing an appropriate training program how to integrate the exercises and progress them.

Elite FTS shared a ‘Blast From The Past’, a Deadlift tutorial How to Deadlift with Dave Tate, discussing both, the Sumo Deadlift, as well as the Conventional Deadlift check it out