Article recommendations week #34 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #34 2016

Strength Training Articles

Robertson Training Systems lifted the curtain and showed My Top 5 Fitness Apps

Stack shared two article 3 Reasons Why Runners Need to Lift Weights offering a few good benefits why distance runners should engage in strength training and Why Weightlifting Speed is So Important to Making Strength Gains a good article on the concept of time under tension (TUT), I feel it’s worth mentioning that time under tension is mainly important for hypertrophy training, not so much for maximum strength or power development. shared The Right Way To Make A Resistance-Band Workout a good overview of a strength training designed with resistance training bands. Resistance training bands can’t replace training with free weights, but is a viable alternative for athletes with high travel commitments and don’t always have access to free weights. We used resistance bands all the time when I was working with tennis players.

EliteFTS discussed Why Strength Coaches Quit and Why the People that Hired them Don’t Care a critical discussion on the profession and future of strength & conditioning.

Deadlift Training Articles

Men’s Health showed how to Increase Your Deadlift Max With This Stop-and-Go Technique looking at the specific sticking points in the deadlift movement and address those. I have written about sticking points in the Back Squat and how to attack those sticking points in the article How to get a stronger Back Squat in 7 steps

Plyometric Training Articles

I couldn’t find a valuable Plyometric Training article this week, but luckily I offered one on Why understanding the Mechanics Behind Plyometric Training will make you jump like Michael Jordan looking at the mechanics behind plyometrics and why they are effective.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

T-Nation and ScienceForSport shared insights of a recent research looking at different Squat variations and their effect on sprint performance in the articles Tip: Do Quarter Squats To Boost Athleticism and Squat and Transfer to Sprinting: Full Squat, Half Squat and Quarter Squat credit for the infographic to YLM Sport Science shared Squat Every Day: The History Of The Squat a really interesting article and cool video, have a look at the video below

Power Clean and Power Snatch Articles

Catalystathletics shared two great articles, discussing the use of the Muscle Snatch in the articles The Muscle Snatch: You’re Probably Doing it Wrong and The Muscle Snatch: Making It Effective have a look at video below


Highlights of the week

Eric Cressey published two great articles 6 Objectives for Successful Training Sessions and Random Thoughts on Long-Term Fitness Industry Success: Installment 3 two awesome articles going beyond sets and reps and focussing more on human interaction.


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