Article recommendations week #32 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #32 2018

Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS listed 3 Scientific Theories Behind Blood Flow Restriction Training what blood flow restriction is, and what it can do for you. Also check out the short complementary video explainer

Complementary Training asked Do We Need to Perform a Cool-Down After Exercise? by looking at the research that supports or doesn’t support a cool-down as an effective means for recovery.

Breaking Muscle explained

Simplifaster listed 7 Principles of Recovery in Sport Every Coach Must Know outlining different forms and modalities of recovery.

Dr. John Rusin outlined the importance of the aerobic system, what it is and different variations to train your aerobic system, from low-intensity conditioning methods to high-intensity conditioning methods in the article The Lost Art of Conditioning for Strength, Performance, and Recovery,

Power Athlete HQ described the importance of Process for athletes and coaches as a necessity to become better.

The PTDC listed 4 essentials for a better sleep in the article The Fitness Pro’s Guide to Better Sleep no rocket science, however essentials.

Stronger by Science discussed Training Frequency for Muscle Growth: What the Data Say an in-depth piece looking at different studies and outlining different training frequency recommendations.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Eric Cressey listed 5 important considerations for your youth strength training in the article Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training – Installment 31.

Nutrition Articles

T-Nation shared outlined important considerations How can you increase your metabolism? A nutritionist shares 6 things to know.

Picture Fit discussed Diet Soda vs Regular Soda | Which is Better For You? Looking at the research and the risks of diet soda and discussing whether the research findings are causation or association. Check it out

Squat Articles

T-Nation shared a nuanced discussion on different squat variations (pro’s and con’s) in the article Hot Debate: Which Squat is Best?

Shrugged Collective explained how to do the Shrimp Squats – Single Leg Strength, including regressions and progressions, as well as outlining the differences between Shrimp Squats (not sure, where that name comes from) and Pistol Squats. Check it out

Elite FTS shared Swede Burns Coaching The Squat, some interesting snippets from a squat seminar. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics discussed

  • Internal Rotation Overhead in the Snatch… Really? a highly debated topic of the right overhead position for the Snatch and Overhead Squat. This article offers a nuanced discussion on the overhead position and goes deep into terminology and anatomy.
  • why the Back Foot Hits First in the Split Jerk, the typical technical flaws during the Split Jerk and corrective exercises to train the footwork during the Split Jerk. Check it out

Deadlift Articles showed how to Learn to Deadlift Big Weights, and who could possibly teach it better than Greatest Powerlifter of All-Time Ed Coan. Check it out

Alan Thrall discussed why it can be beneficial to push the Knees Out in the Deadlift. Check it out