Article recommendations week #32 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #32 2017

Strength Training Articles

Stack explained Why You Shouldn’t Structure Your Workouts Like a Bodybuilder and provides planning alternatives and examples.

Picture Fit answered How Much Protein Can Your Body Absorb Per Meal? discussing protein demand and protein synthesis, how much you ultimately need and the persistent question ‘Is there a limit to how much protein can be absorbed’, check it out


Physiqonomics published The Best Fat Loss Article on the Motherlovin’ Internet (Child-Friendly Version) an in-depth article on fat loss, covering distribution and prioritization of macro-nutrients, the psychological aspect of choosing the right diet and much more. shared The Complete Guide To Pressing outlining the most popular pressing movements, as well as their recommendation of which pressing movements to use for different repetition ranges. Also, check out, their guide to rowing movements  The Complete Guide To Rows

Shredded by Science explained

  • Exercise Intensity on Growth Hormone | Anabolic Hormones and Muscle Growth With Mike Zourdos, the hormonal response to different types of training, check it out
  • Training Periodization For Bodybuilders | Linear & Undulating Periodization With Eric Helms a short intro to different types of periodization and how it can apply to Bodybuilding, check it out


Tony Gentilcore discussed Blood Flow Restriction Training: Real Deal Or Are We Wrapped Up In The Latest Trend? what blood flow restriction is, how it works and how to use it.

Simplifaster showed How I Used Four Assessments to Maximize My Cycling Performance a great article, how the implementation of different monitoring devices has helped to improve performance. What I particularly like is the implementation of each individual device with a specific purpose, rather than using one device as the answer to everything.

Breaking Muscle

Train Heroic shared

T-Nation shared a Tip: Build A Sufficient Base Of Strength the importance of a solid strength base, as well as strength standards.

Elite FTS discussed Why Are Some Lifters More Explosive? and the influence on the different trainings, depending whether you are a ‘strength guy’ or an ‘explosive guy’, check it out


Plyometrics Training Articles

The Bar Bend outlined Medicine Ball Slam Alternatives as a way of plyometric trunk training.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

Stack explained How to Master the Single-Leg Squat a great outline how to progress the Single Leg Squat.

The Bar Bend

T-Nation shared a Tip: Fix Your Ankle Mobility For Deeper Squats a well-rounded outline how to improve ankle mobility.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics explained a weightlifter’s perspective of the discussion ‘Power Clean vs Clean’ and Power Snatch vs Snatch’ in the article About This “It’s a Power Snatch If It’s Above Parallel” Thing

Men’s Health shared Once You’ve Mastered The Basic Barbell Lifts, Upgrade To The Bear Complex a combination of Olympic Lift derivatives and Squat variations, not sure why they call it Bear Complex, check out the video

T-Nation shared a  Tip: Heavy Snatch Complex combining a Hang Snatch, Overhead Squat and Snatch Balance into one complex, check out the video


Also, check out the TOR Complex from Aleksey Torokhtiy combining Snatch, Push Press, Overhead Squat, Snatch Balance and Overhead Squat


Omar Isuf published a Snatch tutorial Olympic Weightlifting 101: How To Snatch providing an outline of exercise progressions to master the Snatch, check it out


Deadlift Articles

Stack outlined how to progress the Single-Leg RDL in the article This Single-Leg RDL Variation Will Help You Get Faster and Prevent Injuries

Fitness and Power explained the Deadlift technique and technical key points in the article One Step to the Perfect Deadlift

Juggernaut Training System shared Deadlift Tips with Ben Pollack an in-depth tutorial from a Deadlift world record holder, check it out