Article recommendations week #32 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #32 2016

Strength Training Articles

BreakingMuscle shared a few good articles this week,
– The Myth of Injury Prevention looking at the incidence of injuries in sport, what can be prevented and what not.
– Study Uses GPS Technology to Predict Injuries there has been quite some buzz around recent studies, that could show, that the tolerance to training can be trained and if you are able to tolerate more training load over time you will become more resilient to injuries.
– The Exploitation of Youth Athletes looking at current practices in youth sport and the misalignment between what should be done with youth athletes and what is actually done to them.
– The Dark and Bewildering World of Fitness Studies taking a closer look at how studies are done, what to look at and what to be aware of.
– Pattern Before Power: Movement Quality Basics A great article on how movement patterns form the basis for strength and power development

Science For Sport published
– a great overview of the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test which is a test useful to determine aerobic capacity but also to provide training intensities for endurance training or energy system training
– an infographic on The Importance of Muscular Strength in Athletic Performance an infographic from YLM Sport Science
– an infographic on Nutritional Considerations on How to Build Muscles an infographic from YLM Sport Science

Strength & Conditioning Research put out two thorough pieces on
– What muscles are most important for sprinting? looking at which muscles are most important for sprinting
– What is the strength-endurance continuum? (strength is specific) providing insights into strength gains and improvements in strength endurance capacities through different types of strength training.

Juggernaut Training Systems offered 6 Tips for Approaching the Bar with Confidence really points on how to approach a weight, an often under-looked aspect in training.

EliteFTS discussed Mental Health and the Strength Athlete: Building A Better Training Program a really good overview on different stressors affecting athletes and possible solutions to manage these stressors.

Strengtheory looked in-depth at different warm-up practices in the article Your Warm-up Doesn’t Need to Be That Complicated a very thorough piece with a pragmatic conclusion ‘it all depends on what your training goal is’.

Toni Gentilcore discussed Why Crossfit doesn’t make an Elite Athlete a few good points on the application of Crossfit for elite athletes.

The Tasting Table shared How to Eat like an Olympian which in my opinion is a good addition to ‘Train Like an Olympian’.

Stack showed This Ridiculously Simple Exercise Builds a Rock Solid Core a good practical alternative to the usually prescribed low-intensity training solutions for the trunk.

T-Nation shared The Numbers of Muscle Building these numbers and information need to be treated with care, but I have never seen it being prepared this way and think it’s a very interesting way of looking at information.

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack showed A Box Jump Is the Missing Link in Your Speed Workouts a variation of a plyometric Box Jump focusing on the short stretch-shortening cycle (SSC), find out more about the different stretch-shortening cycles in the article A Short Guide to Plyometric Training

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

Andrew Hemming offered a very good and practical article on The Bottom Line on Squat Depth weighing up pros and cons of full and partial squats.

Highlights of the week

I am really happy to see my athletes competing at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

culminating in Elis Ligtlee winning the Keirin event

Congratulations Elis, well deserved!

I couldn’t find any videos with english commentary yet, but I guess despite of the commentary the awesome effort and performance of Elis is well visible.

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