Article recommendations week #31 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #31 2018

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle explained why Muscle Confusion Is Stupid – Strategic Variation Is Smart almost everyone who has ever heard anything about lifting weights knows the principle of muscle confusion. This article does a good job of explaining why muscle confusion might not be as important as everyone believes.

Jeff Nippard explained Rep Ranges and Training Intensity | The Fundamentals Series the optimal rep range for muscular hypertrophy and the relation between intensity and rep ranges. Check it out

T-Nation shared a

Tony Gentilcore specified the unique benefits of varying the time under tension, and not only for hypertrophy training in the article The Lost Art Of Time Under Tension.

Stack explained Why Every Athlete Needs Aerobic Training, what aerobic training is, what it does and example aerobic workouts.

Elite FTS shared

The Barbell Physio outlined the causes of hip impingement and how to treat it, as well as what to avoid with the hip impingement in the article Treating Hip Impingement In The Fitness Athlete.

Simplifaster demanded Why Neck Training Should Be a Priority for Athletes, taking a closer look at the anatomy of the neck, it’s importance for most sporting movements, and why a lack of neck strength can put athletes at risk.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared a Hypertrophy Guide for the Calves, outlining the two main muscles, that make up the calves, the right volume, appropriate rep ranges, best exercises for calf development, training frequency and different planning considerations. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Fitness & Power showed How to Enter Ketosis – the Quickest and Simplest Way by outlining the macronutrient distribution, important considerations and example meal plans.

Picture Fit listed 5 Tips To Deal With Your Hunger, how to use hydration for hunger control, reduce drinking your calories, increase protein content, removing food cues and eat the right foods. Check it out

Jeff Nippard explained Why You Don’t Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day by looking at the scientific incidence to support the claim, and how to use different hydration strategies based on your individual goals. Check it out

Squat Articles

Breaking Muscle listed The 4 Best Squat Alternatives, different exercise selections for those who can’t squat or don’t want to squat.

Elite FTS listed 5 essentials for a bigger squat in the article I Know Squat — Five Keys to Squatting Big Weight

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics outlined

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Clean Pillar #5 | The Catch discussing the height of the catch, the pressure on the foot, torso position and how to keep the elbows high. Check it out

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared two variations of the Trap Bar Deadlift