Article recommendations week #31 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #31 2017

Strength Training Articles

Fitness and Power explained How Many Reps You Need to Do to Build Muscle? looking at a certain rep range depending on the type of exercise.

Picture Fit answers the question How Many Meals Should You Eat a Day? and as usual Picture Fit challenges common wisdom and the answer to the question might surprise you, check it out

Elite FTS discussed

Simplifaster explained

Shredded by Science explained

  • the physiological basis of High-Intensity Training and discussion the pro’s and con’s, check out the tutorial below Cardio For Bodybuilders | HIIT Cardio With Eric Helms | The SBS Academy

  • the influence on nutrient timing and manipulating nutrients for Maximising Protein Synthesis | Meal Frequency With Eric Helms | The SBS Academy, check out the tutorial

Robertson Training Systems shared

Breaking Muscle explained that Steady State Aerobic Training Isn’t The Devil the benefits of aerobic training.

Jason Blaha Fitness shared his thoughts on Dave Asprey and his pieces of advice in the video Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee Founder, Now Advocates People Inject Their Own Urine, Should you inject your own urine? Check it out

The Bar Bend shared a guide to

Starting Strength with very simple examples what stimulates adaptation, whether you want to get stronger or gain muscle mass. You need to understand how to elicit adaptations in order to make improvements and progress with your training. Check out the audio The Biggest Fallacy of All below

Science For Sport outlined a complete guide to Velocity Based Training worth reading.

Juggernaut Training System outlined Considerations for Strongman Training a great approach to determine the needs of the sport and deducting the training from that. If you understand the principle of analysis and using the results from the analysis for training design, you can use it for any sport, check it out

Plyometrics Training Articles

Simplifaster asked Do Horizontal Plyometrics and Weight Exercises Develop Athletic Speed? discussing horizontal plyometrics vs vertical plyometrics for speed development and the pre-requisite of strength for plyometric activities.

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

T-Nation shared a Tip: The 4 Squat Progressions a good outline how to progress the squat pattern.

Elite FTS outlined

The Bar Bend discussed Lunges vs Squats: Which Is Best for Strength? a detailed article on the benefits of Lunges and Squats.

Stack advised to Squat Smart: How Bar Position Changes The Squat Exercise a quick overview how the bar position changes squatting mechanics.

Silent Mike explained how to Improve Your F***ing SQUAT: tipping over/forward lean, what I like is the conclusion of individual bar position, the emphasis on breaking from the hip and knee simultaneously to initiate the descent and maintaining the torso angle during the ascent,  check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

What do Chinese weightlifters do, if they have no access to equipment or strength training machines? All Things Gym shared a video Tian Tao & Zhong Guoshun Assistance Exercises showing their creativity, check out the video

Breaking Muscle discussed Training With The Power Clean 3 strength coaches sharing their experiences how they use the Power Clean in their training design.

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Master This Before You Deadlift showing a progression of the hip hinge pattern to prepare someone for the Deadlift.

Also, The Barbell Physio touched on the topic how to progress the hip hinge pattern in the article The Best Hip Hinge Fixes

Train Heroic shared their outline on the hip hinge progression in the article Progressing From a Basic Hip Hinge to a Superhero Deadlift

Dr. John Rusin discussed Is Deadlifting With A Flexed Spine Inherently Dangerous? taking their own look at the question Is a flexed spine in a Deadlift dangerous?

Alan Thrall showed how to make a Homemade Deadlift Band Pegs (DIY Attachment) I was questioning myself, whether I should include it into this post or not and what the real value is apart from that it is simple and effective if you have the necessary manual craft skills. However, I just like it, so I include it, check out the video