Article recommendations week #31 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #31 2016

Strength Training Articles shared 4 Stretches To Combat Shin Splints shin splints always have a personal note to me, since I have been a ‘victim’ of shin splints myself during my studies of sport science and during our practical classes I had to really suffer, so I wish I would have known this earlier or had access to this kind of information.

The StrengthSensei offered help How to Stop the Cycle of Hamstring Injuries I strongly believe, sometimes certain issues or the answer to these issues aren’t always as difficult and severe as they seem. Focusing on fundamentals and using common sense can go a long way. This article is a good example how to use fundamental knowledge, understanding training principle and apply common sense on the topic of how to prevent hamstring injuries.

Men’sHealth showed This Weird Drill May Help to Ease Your Lower-Back Pain an interesting drill that is worth trying out.

T-Nation shared a great Tip: How to Make the Step-Up Work Better we actually use this all the time when we do Step-Ups or a variation of the Step-Up to minimize the contribution of trail leg and focus more work on the lead leg.

ThePTDC discussed How Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy Can Help Your Clients Reach Their Goals an article how to lead the conversion to help your clients or athletes achieve their goals.

BreakingMuscle a really good article discussing the question What Is Functional Training? using references from Mike Boyle and concluding that ‘functional’ can be replaced by ‘purpose’. I definitely like this idea!

Stack showed How to Warm Up for Contact Sports a good overview how to structure a warm-up, personally I would change the order from point 3 & 4.


Plyometric Training Articles

Stack showed how to Build Explosive Power With This Single-Leg Plyo a not so common single-leg plyometric exercise using the long stretch-shortening cycle (SSC), find out more about the different stretch-shortening cycles in the article A Short Guide to Plyometric Training

Mladen from ComplementaryTraining demonstrates Explosive Upper Body Bag Throws some good variations for upper body power and plyometric exercises.
Have a look at these variations in the video below.


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

Strength & Conditioning Research shared a very thorough analysis of What really causes butt wink? and suggests solutions.

AllThingsGym broadcasts a Squat Compilation 2016 Junior Worlds Training Hall If you like Back Squats and Front Squats, have a look at the video below


Power Clean and Power Snatch Articles

Catalystathletics gives another useful cue Lock It In… NOW useful advice on locking the weight overhead on the Power Snatch and Jerk (Split Jerk or Squat Jerk).


Highlights of the week

The StrengthSensei offered another philosophical discourse on The Art and Science of Strength Training I like this discussion about the art and science of coaching, especially since the author provides pros and cons for both standpoints and argues ultimately for a happy medium.

I definitely like this nuanced discussion about the art and science of coaching, especially since the author provides pros and cons for both standpoints and argues ultimately for a happy medium.

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