Article recommendations week #30 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #30 2017

Strength Training Articles

Want to naturally increase your own GH (growth hormone) production? Check out T-Nation‘s article Tip: Increase Growth Hormone by 1700%

Broscience outlined How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally Without Supplements or Vitamins by scheduling your strength training correctly, manage your calorie intake and watch the duration of your strength workouts.

Fitness & Power explained Why You Shouldn’t Believe Before And After Fotos outlining a few tricks how you can tweak your appearance within minutes. Also, check out this hilarious video from Furious Pete how he manipulated his before and after fotos, believe me, it’s hilarious!

Breaking Muscle explained

Tony Gentilcore shared Hip Hinge 2.0 a really great outline how to progress the hip hinge from the most basic level to advanced levels. Also, check out my article about bending and hip hinging Think Bending, Not Deadlifting and the related video tutorial

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Phasic Dieting how to adjust your diet and nutrition to align it with your training goals. Check out the video

Poliquin Group discussed How To Start Working Out: A Novice’s Guide To Exercising For Fat Loss a really good overview of the main variables to consider when designing a strength training program for weight loss. Also, check out Only 3 Things You Need To Know about Strength Training and Weight Loss an advanced guide to utilize strength training to maximize fat loss.

T-Nation shared

Stack explained how to Create Your Own Training Program With This Simple Template by using a framework, that can be adjusted depending on the training needs and training goals.

EliteFTS outlined

  • The New Football Conditioning Test an interesting point of challenging the status quo of aerobic conditioning in football, whilst football is a mainly anaerobic sport. The test provided is a variation of a repeated sprint ability test and also provides benchmarks for the athletes depending on their position.
  • Why an Advanced Powerlifter Needs a Coach an interesting discussion from two Powerlifters about the necessity of a coach, check out the video

Simplifaster explained How to Build the Ultimate American Football Player an outstanding outline how to put an entire training program together, worth reading!

Youth Strength Training Articles

Science For Sport published a great article on Peak Weight Velocity which is an important consideration for designing youth strength training programs, as it is an indicator (with Peak Height Velocity) for the change in maturation and development from childhood to adolescence. Also, check out their article on

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Bar Bend followed up on their article from the previous week Goblet Squat – Exercise Guide and Benefits with 2 othe articles including the Goblet Squat

Breaking Muscle shared The Squat Conundrum: Front To Back 3 strength coaches discussing Front Squats vs Back Squats, differences and when to use which of the squat variations.

Jen Sinkler explained how to Do It Better: Back Squats I definitely like the tip to get one unit with the bar.

Stack showed 2 Mobility Drills That Will Get Rid of Hip Pain During Squats probably not the only mobility drills you can do, but definetly two good drills.

Alan Thrall published a new Squat tutorial How To Squat: Starting Strength explaining how to squat, discussing squat depth, High Bar Squat vs Low Bar Squat and giving his rationale for the debatable hip drive, that Starting Strength teaches. Check out the tutorial

Olympic Lifting Articles

Simplifaster asked Is it Time to Dump the Catch with the Power Clean? whilst I disagree with most of the arguments in the article, as most of the rationale is based on not letting some perform a Power Clean, with a flawed Power Clean technique and chose the easier variatio of the Clean Pull,  the author has a point, if you are technically not proficient in performing the movement, you shouldn’t force it onto the athlete.

Catalystathletics explained What You Can Expect in Weightlifting When You Get Older experiences from an older Olympic Lifter and How to Lower Jerks without Dying a common difficulty and problem for a lot of athletes and ambitiously training people. Check out the video

Lu Xiaojun is probably one of the most impressive contemporary weightlifters All Things Gym shared a training video Lu Xiaojun 80kg Dips Check out another feat of his strength

Aleksey Torokhity shared an awesome Power Clean tutorial, check out the video, that explains all key points of the Power Clean within 1 minute

Also, check out more of Torokhity’s 1-minute tutorials, that I have published in Article recommendations week #26 2017

Bench Press Articles

Elite FTS  listed the 5 Biggest Bench Press mistakes in the article WATCH: Blast from the Past — Five Biggest Bench Mistakes outlining technical mistakes, as well as planning mistakes. Check out the tutorial

Shredded By Science shared a Bench Press tutorial How To Bench Press? The BEST Bench Press Tutorial On Youtube With Dr Mike Zourdos, check out the video

Deadlift Articles

Dr. John Rusin listed 7 Trap Bar Deadlift Variations For Power & Strength Development not only a good overview of the different variations, but also outlining the purpose and execution of each Deadlift variation.

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Ultimate Back-Building Deadlift using the 1-arm Deadlift as a variation in your strength training routine, check out the video

Also, check out one of my guys taking it a step further and performing a 1-arm Snatch


 Highlights of the week

Happy for one of my guys to clinch the second place at the BMX World Championships 2017 in the junior category, congrats Kevin van den Groenendaal!