Article recommendations week #30 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #30 2016

Strength Training Articles

Breakingmuscle shared a truly great article on the benefits of sprinting Combine Sprints and Weight Training for Accelerated Gains. One thing to add, I would consider different training modes as well (for example on a bike), since sprinting does require a high level of proficiency, which is the limiting factor for most non-sprinters or sprinting athletes.

ScienceForSport presented 2 infographics from YLMSportScience about Strength Training for Endurance Athletes and Typical Heart Rate Response During High-Intensity Training Sessions in Overreached Athletes. Especially the Strength Training for Endurance Athletes offers few interesting facts,
– 12 weeks of training
– performing the concentric phase as quickly as possible
– training needs to be continued in-season to maintain gains, minimize loss of gains.
Facts you know as a practitioner, but it’s always good to have it backed up by research.

EricCressey offered valuable 12 Elite Athletic Development Coaching and Programming Lessons and 10 Tips for Making Mobility Work with Your Schedule two really great resources.

T-Nation showed a good stream of exercises progressions to Master the Standing Roll-out

Stack offered 4 Proven Techniques For Treating Sore and Fatigued Muscles it’s worth mentioning that there isn’t much you can do against DOMS, but these tactics might help reduce DOMS a bit… Stack also showed 4 Exercises to Strengthen Weak Hamstrings which I think entails the best ‘bread and butter exercises’ to strengthen the hamstring, you could add a SL Back Extesion to the mix.

Team Juggernaut discussed Early Specialisation in Sports Training

Definitely a good analysis and collection of the major points and pitfalls of early specialisation, as well as proposals how to improve current practices.

I would argue the point, that weightlifters need to build muscles first, olympic weightlifting requires skill and coordination to execute the competitive exrcises and the best period to learn and consolidate skill and technique is before puberty. Which means if the skill and technique needs to be acquired and consolidated before puberty or if you want to use the LTAD (long term athlete development) terminology, the skill needs to be consolidated by the end of the Learning to Train stage.


Plyometric Training Articles

AllThingsGym showed a very interesting documentary of the Egyptian Weightlifter Mohammed Ihab interesting the incorporation of Plyometric Training and Agility Training into the training routine of Olympic Weightlifters


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

EliteFTS shared to great articles on squatting Building the Raw Squat with some really solid advice that can help improve the Back Squat and Troubleshooting Knee Pain While Squatting for those who experience knee pain while squatting. I believe in a well-structure program you shouldn’t experience knee pain anyway, but if you do, these tips might help.

T-Nation shared a Tip: Do THIS to Improve Your Front Squat I would much rather go with a paused Front Squat or 1,5 reps.


Power Clean and Power Snatch Articles

Catalystathletics discussed a very common problem in the Clean or Power Clean that we also experience often Meeting The Bar In The Clean: Avoid Crashing In The Turnover which refers to connecting with the bar smoothly. We see that in see athletes, that the bar is effectively falling onto the shoulders resulting in excessive downward forces, which cannot always be fully absorbed and lead to a not successful lift. As I mentioned in my comment on the Juggernaut Early Specialisation video above, weightlifting requires a high level of skill and coordination, which is very evident when you see these flaws., which requires a quick switch from expressing force to dropping under the bar or actively pulling under the bar.

You can see that phenomenon here, luckily Harrie is strong enough to compensate the heavy downward forces due to his strng legs.


Highlights of the week

I do like  Juggernaut’s principle driven approach to training and the way they apply these principles to training, focussing on what matters



This week we had our last training sessions with the BMX group before they leave to Rio for the Olympic Games 2016.


All the best Merle van Benthem, Jelle van Gorkom, Twan van Gendt and Niek Kimmann! You guys are well prepared!