Article recommendations week #3 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles of week #3 2018

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Fitness listed 10 ways you’re sabotaging your workouts—and how to fix them a great selection, I would argue 3 & 4 are debatable.

Speed Endurance compared two different Fit-Bit models on their functionality and user-friendliness on sleep tracking in the article Sleep Patterns with the FitBit Alta and FitBit Alta+HR

T-Nation shared

Functional Path Training Blog outlined the relationship between training and testing and describing the necessity, why training and testing should go hand-in-hand and need to be an ongoing process in the article Testing =Training & Training = Testing

Elite FTS shared

  • The Difference Between Outcome-Driven and Process-Focused what the difference is, and what is better for you and your training results.
  • The Coach’s Guide to Teaching the Bench Press an in-depth tutorial on Bench Pressing, including common mistakes, how to address them and appropriate coaching cues for a bigger bench.
  • Pros and Cons of Specialty Bars for Dynamic Waves discussing the impact of varying the the implement (the barbell) throughout different weekly cycles, bottom-line make sure you won’t get confused by too much variation if you can’t measure and monitor your workload. Check it out

The Bar Bend explained How I Train Novices Differently for Strongman an interesting insight into training for Strongman and their training priorities.

Silent Mike outlined Why Powerlifters Aren’t Strong ft. Boris Sheiko, am not really sure how the title relates to the video, however, a few really interesting thoughts from Boris Sheiko. Check it out

The Poliquin Group published The Massive List Of Recovery Modalities: 50 Tips To Get Back In Form Faster worth checking out.

8 Weeks Out listed 4 Steps to Turn off Stress and Accelerate Your Recovery a truly high-quality article, going beyond outlining the problem by offering a framework recognize stress patterns, address and solve them.

Juggernaut Training Systems released Bench Pillar #3 | Gripping the Bar, the most important considerations, grip width, shoulder and elbow position, proper grip. I do like the common sense & non dogmatic approach. Check it out

Breaking Muscle showed the different fields of application for BFR (blood flow restriction training), as well as a selection of effective exercises you can use in the article  A Blood Flow Restriction Training Primer

Barbell Shrugged shared an interview all about  Mobility, Stability, and Strength, check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS listed 10 Ways to Drive Communication with Youth Athletes a really great article, on how to get youth athletes engaged and stay engaged.

Nutrition Articles

Men’s Fitness listed The 25 worst foods for fat loss and why they are bad.

Muscle & Fitness discussed The Top 10 Bodybuilding Nutrition Questions they are actually evergreen questions.

Shredded by Science shared Total Energy Expenditure, Calories In Vs Out, BMR & Thermic Effect Of Food, discussing the components of the metabolic rate, how to calculate the energy expenditure and how the energy intake influences the energy expenditure. Check it out

Silent Mike released Simple Tips For Losing Fat, very simple and applicable tips to follow. Check it out

Power Training Articles

Train Heroic explained How To Structure Speed and Power Training for Advanced Athletes outlining the process of changes in your training program when the athlete transitions from an intermediate athlete to advanced athlete.

Plyometric Training Articles

Simplifaster published the second series of questions and answers from experienced coaches on different topics, all around Plyometric Training,

  • Working with New Athletes outlining the different approaches and thought processes, when starting to work with new athletes
  • Plyometric Training and Teaching presenting plyometric progressions and exercise selection, as well as the incorporation of plyometric training into the competitive season.
  • Tapering and Peaking different peaking strategies, how to modulate volume and intensity over time to allow for best results in competition.
  • Reducing and Managing Injuries all about mitigating injury risk and the discussion of what is the ideal plyometric training program.
  • Building a Technical Model how to bridge exercise selection with competition demands and meeting the athlete’s individual strength & weaknesses.
  • Designing a Training Plan an interesting collection of training designs from coaches, including their rationale for the planning.

Also, check out part 1 of the Jump Roundtable discussion.

Speed Training Articles

Speed Endurance shared

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics shared Ask Greg: Improving Clean: Power Clean and Snatch: Overhead Squat Ratios discussing different lifting ratios to help you analyze your points of improvement.

Breaking Muscle explained how the Olympic Lifts bridge the strength side of the continuum with the speed side in the article Use Olympic Weightlifting To Transform Strength Into Speed. showed a Beginner’s Guide to the Snatch w/ Q&A, a good outline of basic Snatch progressions. Check it out

Squat Articles 

The Barbell Physio explained how to Get Your First Pistol Squat! Mobility And Strength Needs outlining how to test the mobility demands and the strength progressions to master the Pistol Squat.

Elite FTS explained the How to Teach and Coach the Box Squat, the importance of the correct box height, foot position and stance and important movement cues for the descent and ascent. Check out the video tutorial

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared a Tip: Deficit Semi-Sumo Deadlift combining deficit Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift and altering the foot position. Check it out