Article recommendations week #28 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #28 2018

Strength Training Articles

Omar Issuf discussed Best Training Split To Build Muscle, comparing a study with a 5 time per week training split program vs a full body training program, and concluding which training frequency is favorable for muscular growth. Check it out

Bach Performance explained how to Build Massive Muscle The Minimalist Way by outlining 3 different pyramid options and the individual adaptations following each pyramid scheme.

T-Nation shared a Tip: Women Shouldn’t Fear Big Weights, the ever-present question of lifting weights and becoming bulky, by looking at a research investigating this question and providing the appropriate training interventions for females to improve aesthetics and body composition.

Alan Thrall asked Why Back Tweaks Hurt – And What To Do About Them, a nuanced discussion of what pain actually is, how pain is experienced and how to evaluate the severity of pain. Check it out

Simplifaster listed 8 Ways to Sleep Like a Pro Athlete, the benefits of sleep on performance and 8 tactics to improve your sleep to reap these benefits.

Shrugged Collective shared Growing Massive Glutes with Bret Contreras how to target the glutes, specific tweaks to add more emphasis on the glutes during popular glute exercises and discussing the glute pump – fallacy or fact? Check it out

Dr. John Rusin listed 5 Exercises To Instantly Improve Shoulder Mobility where shoulder mobility generally goes wrong, the common flaws during shoulder mobility exercises and the 5 exercises that can help to improve shoulder mobility.

Jeff Nippard discussed How Much Training Volume Do You Really Need? looking at training volume landmarks, what is the ideal set number and important considerations for deciding the training volume ballpark number depending on training goal and type of exercise. Check it out

Fitness & Power asked Eccentric vs. Concentric: Which Way Is Better for Building Mass? looking at which type of muscle contraction produces the greatest gains.

Starting Strength discussed The State of Strength and Conditioning Coaching, what strength & conditioning is, the importance of strength and power and the current pitfalls of strength & conditioning. Listen to this audio only rant

Stack explained Why You Should Train With a ‘Landmine’ what the landmine is and the unique benefits of the landmine due to the unique position and bar path.

Elite FTS demanded

  • Stop Doing That, Start Doing This: Shoulder Warm-Up Education describing the goals of a shoulder warm-up, the physiological and biomechanical principles and the appropriate exercise selection.
  • Chainz for gainz, how to set up chains for an increased training effect from the accommodating resistance, and why you shouldn’t set-up chains in a straight line. I would argue, that it still depends on the size of the chain as well as the training goal, that you can effectively set up chains in a straight line. Check out Elite FTS rant

The PTDC listed Three Ways to Write Better Training Programs starting with a meaningful assessment, implementing the information into practical programming and auditing your program for quality control.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared

  • Mark Henry | Strength History Minute the achievements of Mark Henry in different strength sports, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting & Strongman. Check it out
  • a Hypertrophy Guide for the Traps, why you might not need extra trap training, where the traps get there training stimulus from, the best exercises for your traps, training variations and periodization and sequencing ideas. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Jeff Nippard discussed How Does Cooking Affect Nutrition in Food? looking at the scientific studies, which cooking method is best to preserve the nutritional quality. However, the answer seems to be more nuanced, depending on which food you are cooking and which nutrients you want to preserve. Worth checking out

Power Training Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Trap Bar Power Pulls, as a valuable alternative for those who have technical difficulties with the Olympic Lift and its’derivatives. Check out how to do Trap Bar Pulls

Squat Articles

Shrugged Collective demonstrated the Cossack Squats – Lateral Lunges, what it is, how to do learn the Cossack Squat and find the right feet distance with a bottom-up approach, how to load the Cossack Squat and the sport-specific application of the Cossack Squat. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Aleksey Torokhtiy explained How to find Individual Split Position for the Сlean & Jerk, a really interesting outline and progression for the Split Jerk foot position and the correct distance between feet. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Beers with Chad | Mt. Rushmore of Weightlifting if Mt. Rushmore would have Olympic Weightlifters, who would be in there? An interesting and entertaining chat, concluding Tommy Kono, Vasily Alekseyev, Naim Sulemanoglu and Pyrros Dimas. Check it out

Deadlift Articles 

Elite FTS released Dave Tate Coaches: The Romanian Deadlift (RDL), how to initiate the RDL and maximize the hip hinge movement. Check it out