Article recommendations week #28 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #28 2017

Strength Training Articles explained

Fitness & Power listed 10 Reasons to Drink More Water a simple and good overview, why you should watch your water intake.

Picture Fit discussed

  • Multivitamins – The Industry’s Biggest Lie, taking a dive into the research, if we need multi vitamins or not, check it out

  • Brown Rice VS White Rice, discussing the differences between white rice and brown rice, and some interesting facts and findings, check it out

The Strength Sensei explained

Elite FTS explained

  • Movement Economy in Sports an approach to explaining what movement economy is based on the specificity of the sport, the energy systems used and finding the right balance between input (effort) and output (movement efficiency and movement effectiveness). Also, check out their previous article and related article on Programming Economy — 5 Exercise Categories
  • Secrets of Faster Injury Healing a really great article and even better video on how to recover faster from injuries. Guess what the secret is? Movement and consistency, thanks, Chris Duffin. Check out the video

T-Nation shared

  • a Tip: Do the Opposite hypothesizing the majority of people in life and in training seldom get it right and therefore do the opposite of what they are doing. That concept isn’t that foreign, as Tim Ferris has made it also popular in recent years.
  • a Tip: The Most Important Key to Workout Consistency explaining what a habit is and how to form habits. It’s worth mentioning, that the idea of the 21 days to form a habit is just partially correct, some habits can be formed faster, and some habits need more time, check out the Behaviour Grid by B.J. Fogg and this video habit formation

Muscle & Fitness Confirmed: Lifting Heavy Is The Best Way To Get Stronger And Save Some Time nothing really new, but a good read, as well as outlining a recent study supporting the claim. Again.

Breaking Muscle explained Why It’s Important To Define Your Strength Goals the Why’s and How’s of goal setting.

Complementary Training shared Framework for Analyzing & Planning the Strength Training a great selection of resources for the process of planning and analyzing a strength training program.

Starting Strength discussed RPE? | Ask Rip #50 the benefits and application of using RPE in strength training, check it out

Stronger By Science outlined How to Choose the Right Load Progression Strategy by comparing

Daily Mail showed some interesting impressions from Real Madrid stars endure grueling session in the Californian heat as Gareth Bale shows off powerful legs in pre-season training looks like the landscape in football is starting to change and we see more strength training and plyometric training implemented into their overall routine. gives an insight into the determination and commitment of what it takes to be a successful athlete on the example of Crossfit Athlete Matt Fraser, I have seen the same determination and commitments in some of my athletes. Check out the video

Train Heroic is Making The Case For A Full-Time Strength Coach discussing why teams and organizations need a strength coach, how to be creative with the budget for hiring a strength coach and suggestions how to pick the right person.

Speed Endurance shared Comprehensive Recovery Training for Athletes

[Part 4] outlining different active recovery options. Also, check out the previous parts, part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed Periodization, RPE in Weightlifting, Single Leg Training in Weightlifting and much more in The Jugglife | DUP & Weightlifting RPE, check it out

Tim Ferriss shared Inside the World of SuperTraining – Mark Bell an interview with Powerlifter and owner of one of the strongest gyms in the world Mark Bell, talking about training methods and why he and the athletes training under him reached such high strength levels, check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Train Heroic listed 5 Questions Parents Will Ask About Strength Training and How To Answer Them outlining common questions and concerns from parents with regards to youth strength training and how to answer those questions. To be honest, I was also faced with a few of these questions during my career.

Power Training Articles

Bach Performance explained Why You Need Explosive Strength, No Matter Who You Are an in-depth article covering the basics of Power Training, the physiology of Power Training, the benefits for sports performance, as well as different Power Training Methods.

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack shared

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

Stack explained How to Do Back Squats the Right Way a guide through Back Squatting from correct squat stance over right bar position, through breathing, most common mistakes and Back Squat alternatives.

T-Nation shared a Tip: Two Tricks for Perfect Squats demonstrating two corrective exercises to improve squatting mechanics.

Bonvec Strength demonstrated a very sound and logical Pistol Squat progression in his Technique Tuesday: Pistol Squat Progressions, check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics shared Keeping the Bar Close: The 3 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making outlining the most common mistakes why the bar moves away from you during the Olympic Lifts and how to fix it.

Breaking Muscle explained How To Hang Clean: The Only 3 Things You Need To Know a simple but good overview of the Hang Power Clean technique.

Juggernaut Training System shared Beginners Guide to Clean & Jerk an in-depth tutorial on the Clean and on the Jerk.Check it out!

Deadlift Articles 

Barbell Pilates makes A Case for Deadlifting With Chains the benefits of chains and accommodating resistance training.

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Romanian Deadlift, Improved benefits of the single arm single leg RDL, check out the video