Article recommendations week #28 2016

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week 28 2016

Strength Training Articles

Juggernaut Training shared a really heavy read not only about Periodized Carbohydrate Strategies but also energy system development and practical applications. A really great in-depth article.

Lance Coyke gave great and common sense explanation on his Training Tip: When to Use Offset Loading

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T-Nation offered two good training tips, providing a drill on Improving Thoracic Spine Mobility with two progressions of this drill. The second Tip: Drop the Frankenstein Exercises looks and explaining the difficulties of combination exercises. While I am fully aligned with his thought process, it is worth mentioning that there are combination exercises that do make sense, such as a Power Snatch or Snatch followed by an Overhead Squat or a Power Clean or Clean followed by a Split Jerk or Push Jerk, etc

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The Greatist shared a short, insightful and really good overview of How to Do the Perfect Forward Lunge showing all keypoints that need attention, as well as typical technical flaws. We use this carefully and combine for example Clean Pulls with Power Cleans, once you have lifted a heavier load in the Clean Pull and move on to the Power Clean, for a fraction of a second the first phase of the Power Clean will feel easier and you have greater chances to make the Power Clean.

Robertson Training Systems showed a not so known variation of the Step-Up, the Cross-over Step-Up which is a good variation and valuable add-on for sports where changes of directions are involved. I would just advice to look at adding some load.


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

T-Nation shared a great Tip: Use This Trick to Hit Squat Depth Every Time which is a great alternative to using boxes to define the right squat depth.

T-Nation also offered 7 Proven Squat & Deadlift Boosters discussing and presenting some useful exercises to get past squat plateaus or deadlift plateaus.


Power Clean and Power Snatch Articles

Catalystathletics discussed the pros and cons of Bodybuilding Accessory Work For Weightlifters a great common sense approach.



Highlights of the week

Raymon van der Biezen finishing his career with a European title. Happy to have been a part of the team that supported Raymon on his journey, with ups and downs, culminating at the Olympic Games in London 2012 where Raymon won the time-trials and came fourth in the main event. Raymon has always been an example for others with an unparalleled level of commitment and dedication.


It has bee a very successful week so far for some of my athletes at the 2016 UEC Track Juniors and U23 European Championships in Italy.

Congratulations Hetty and Steffie!

Hoe gaaf is dit! Europees kampioen teamsprint met Hetty

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Congratulations Elis and Kyra!


Congratulations Hetty and Steve!


Congratulations Elis, four gold medals, awesome!


With the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio approaching comes a lot of excitement and pleasant anticipation, but also frustrations and sorrow for those who did not meet the criteria and will not be able to go and go. My last word of this week is dedicated to my athletes who have committed and trained hard for four years

My last word of this week is dedicated to my athletes, who have committed and trained hard for four years and ultimately aren’t able to fulfill their dream. You can be proud of yourself for your commitment and dedication!