Article recommendations week #27 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #27 2017

Strength Training Articles

Train Heroic listed 11 Essential Rules Of Athletic Program Design a really great post on the essential considerations for a solid strength & conditioning program.

Stack explained

T-Nation shared a Tip: The 4 Principles of Great Technique simple principles to improve your technique. explained

Starting Strength discussed Should your training be sport-specific? dissecting the aspects of strength and technical training and if both can be combined in a sport-specific training, check out the video

Breaking Muscle discussed The Forgotten Joint: Wrist Mobility And Strength wrist mobility and strength is an integral part of many lifts, and sometimes limiting if you think about the rack position of a Clean or Power Clean. This article outlines a great overview how to improve wrist mobility and enhance wrist strength.

Elite FTS shared The Best Bench and Deadlift Variations from the Strongest Women in the World some interesting insights on the exercise selection of Powerlifter to improve the Bench and Deadlift.

Juggernaut Training System shared Undulating Periodization Strategies a really great example of applying training principles into the planning and periodization process, you need to check out the video

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack outlined How to Build a Plyo Workout for Beginners a really good article covering the basics of plyometric training, the different types of plyometric activities and common mistakes in plyometric training.

Robertson Training System shared Mike Young Discusses Everything Plyometrics, I like how they looked a bit deeper at what influences plyometric training intensity, compared to what you read in the literature, as well as that teaching plyometric activities is a big part of plyometric training, rather than just plyometric exercise selection. Check it out

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

Catalystathletics discusses why Elite Weightlifters Who Front Squat Only… And Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Them analyzing the relation of Front Squats and Back Squats in a strength training program of Olympic Weightlifters.

Robertson Training System discussed Should You Tweak Your Stance For Squats And Deadlifts? an interesting discussion on adjusting stance and the incidence for asymmetries and dysfunctions caused by bi-lateral training or not.

Jason Blaha Fitness discusses the use of Knee wrap in the video Knee Wraps & The Idiots Who Promote Their Use For Recreational Lifters, whilst I believe there is a use for knee wraps under specific circumstances, I fully agree on his point, they should not be used to mask pain or as a crutch, because you can’t train without them. Check out the video

Elite FTS shared two articles discussing

The Bar Bend shared

T-Nation shared Tip: Hip Hinge vs. Squat, Know the Difference explaining the difference between the hip hinge pattern nd the squat pattern, check out the explainer video

Also, check out our tutorial on hinging / bending pattern

and the tutorial on the squatting pattern

Olympic Lifting Articles shared a tutorial to Learn How to Power Clean | Cassie & Tyra, an in-depth tutorial covering mobility for the Power Clean, teaching progressions of the different phases and coaching cues. If you have the capacity to sit through a 1-hour tutorial, you can pick up some valuable Power Clean technique cues, check it out

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Sumo Deadlift From Deficit as a variation to train and overload the hips and lower back, which can potentially result in bigger Squats and Deadlifts. Check out the Sumo Deadlift From Deficit

The Silent Mike shared his story and a quick overview of a Deadlift tutorial The Basics to Deadlifting every one Should Know, a bit extensive in my opinion, however, there are a few good cues to be picked up, chek out the video