Article recommendations week #27 2016

I feel like week 27 had to offer a few really valuable articles and videos, here we go…

Strength Training Articles

EliteFTS shared a great article 5 Old School Principles to Hold Onto a really great article, focussing on principles, such as discipline, mastering technique(s), etc. Honestly, I am not sure, whether they are old-school principles or timeless principles.
They also shared a good table talk about How Do You Make Training Fit Your Life Schedule? looking at different aspects of your life and responsibilities, how and what to prioritize and adding it to your schedule. It can actually be that simple, prioritizing and scheduling.


Juggernaut Training explained the Bondarchuk Transfer of Training in simple words and with practical examples in their article Making Sense of Bondarchuk-Transfer of Training

T-Nation offered a Tip: Crush Big Weights With This CNS Trick which uses post-activation potentiation. In my opinion and experience, it is important to note that these methods should be used carefully and in the right moments. The body and nervous system can adapt to tricks like that quickly and it won’t work anymore. ‘Nothing works for ever.’
We use this carefully and combine for example Clean Pulls with Power Cleans, once you have lifted a heavier load in the Clean Pull and move on to the Power Clean, for a fraction of a second the first phase of the Power Clean will feel easier and you have greater chances to make the Power Clean.

BreakingMuscle shared a controversial opinion on Crossfit This Is Why People Hate CrossFit putting forward a few reasonable and comprehensible arguments. explained an often overlooked benefit of unilateral training in Unilateral Training: The Ab Solution You’ve Never Thought Of
Unilateral training does require that the trunk to work much harder to stabilize the external loads. In my opinion a much better alternative to training the trunk than lying on the ground and stabilize your body weight by holding different positions.

Robertson Training Systems describes Why You Should Keep a Training Log and takes it a bit further than the usual recording reps, sets and weight, by adding RPE  and subjective data points, as well as incorporating coaching cues and thought processes.


Plyometric Training Articles

The best article I could find was from ATIPT on Plyometric Training where I do like the progression they present from learning / training to absorb the stretch-loads to more intense and complex exercises in multiple planes.

Luckily there is also the article I have written on 4 Unexpected Benefits of Plyometric Training


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

All Things Gym shared a video of Mart Seim Back Squatting 400 kg and a really great Q & A with valuable insights into warm-up progressions for a Back Squat and how to sequence the Back Squat over a week.

If you aren’t familiar who Mart Seim is, his walking Front Squat has gone viral on social media

Walk + paused front squat 260kg #frontsquat #martseim

A video posted by Mart Seim (@martseim) on

T-Nation looked a bit deeper into the research on waist-widening exercises Tip: Avoid These Waist-Widening Exercises and the good news are,  you can continue to do your Back Squats and Front Squats, they aren’t widening your hip.


Deadlift Articles

T-Nation presented a good Tip: Deadlift Barefoot. Here’s Why and explained why deadlifting barefoot can be beneficial.


Power Clean and Power Snatch Articles

BreakingMuscle shared two articles on There Is No Summer Vacation for Olympic Lifters which shows how the vacation time can be used purposefully without straining the body, nor taking complete time off and The Olympic Weightlifting Primer which is a great start to end article on how to get into olympic weightlifting.


Highlight of the week

I definetly like the talk of Mike Israetel on ‘One Weird Trick’ or ‘The search for Holy Grail’


The other highlight is one of my trainees, BMX rider and Olympian in 2012 and now 2016 Twan van Gendt squatting 210 kg on one leg in the Bulgarian Split Squat