Article recommendations week #26 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #26 2017

Strength Training Articles

PictureFit asked Is Foam Rolling Worth It? collating some research on the topic and presenting some really interesting and unexpected findings, check it out

Train Heroic explained How to Plan Volume and Intensity for Varied Training Adaptations a really good overview on how to plan a strength training program for different training goals, strength, power, hypertrophy or strength endurance and adjust volume and intensities according to the strength training goal.

The Strength Sensei published The Power Of Cluster Sets For Relative Strength outlining the rationale for Cluster Sets and presenting a 3-week sample strength training program including Cluster Sets.

Elite FTS explained shared how to Bench Press Building a BIGGER BENCH PRESS: Everything You Need to Know | Mark Bell. A really good and in-depth tutorial on Bench Pressing, check out the video

In addition to this tutorial, The Bar Bend shared Bench Press Exercise Guide – Muscles Worked, Variations, and Benefits looking at the muscles worked, why you should Bench Press and multiple variations of the Bench Press.

T-Nation shared a Tip: Parasympathetic Recovery Breathing how to change the length of inhaling and exhaling cycling to induce recovery. Check out the video

The Poliquin Group listed the Top Ten Strength Training Tips you need to adopt today simple and effective advice.

Dr. John Rusin shared The 6 Best Trap Bar Exercises You Aren’t Using some interesting variations next to the usual application of Trap Bar Deadlifts.

Starting Strength discussed Programming Basics for Novice vs Advanced Lifters | Brent Carter, I do like the simplicity of starting strength expressing complex topics, check out the video

Stack outlined

California Strength asked Are You Taking Enough Mental Reps? explaining the importance and power of mental preparation.

Juggernaut Training System shared The JuggLife | Strength in Academia a really interesting roundtable discussion tackling the topic of the necessity of experience in coaching vs scientific knowledge, check out the video

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack explained Why Resistance Band Workouts Are Perfect for Young Athletes providing some good rationale for the inclusion of resistance bands into the strength training program for youth athletes.

Breaking Muscle outlined why Young Athletes Must Hip Hinge emphasizing the importance of being able to hip hinge for the athletic position as well as a progression to teach the hip hinge. Also, check out our tutorial on the fundamental movement pattern of hanging / bending and possible strength exercises to learn, teach and train this fundamental movement pattern

Plyometric Training Articles

Men’s Health demonstrated Four Box Jump Variations to Make You a More Explosive Athlete whilst it seems that at Men’s Health they train in living rooms, check out the video below, I do like the logical progression from simple to more complex and less stretch-load to more stretch-load. Check out the video

Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Barbell Physio explained how to Fix Your Front Rack Position identifying the requirements for the Front Rack position and the necessary interventions when some of the requirements are not met.

Bonvec Strength explained different bar positions on the back and the resulting hand and elbow position(s) in the article Technique Tuesday: Making Squats More Joint Friendly check out the video

Coach Mag explained How To Master The Back Squat and how to progress to Back Squatting 1-time body weight, 1,5 times body weight and 2 times body weight.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics discusses Should Coaches Train with Their Lifters? the pro’s and con’s of coaches training with their athletes.

The Bar Bend shared Aleksey Torokhtiy’s Slow-Mo Training Videos Are the Best Yet interestingly, two of my athletes brought these re-worked videos from Torokhtiy where the added visualizations to the previously published videos. Check them out, Olympic Lifting technique in 1 minute, awesome!

Snatch Technique

Clean Technique

Power Snatch Technique

Power Clean Technique

Clean Pull Technique

Muscle Snatch Technique

Deadlift Articles 

Eric Cressey explained how to set-up for the Deadlift, that’s why they say the set-up is where big lifts are made or lost Deadlift Technique: The Solution is in the Set-up, check out his video tip