Article recommendations week #26 2016

We have searched the net and sorted some of the most interesting and valuable articles of week 26

Strength Training Articles

EliteFTS published a great article stressing the importance of Verbal Cues Every Set — A Reminder of Your Duty as a Training Partner which isn’t only limited to the training partner and also applies to the coach. put out a good piece on 7 Movements You Need For Full-Body Strength I like the way they categorized the movements, which is very close to how I categorize movements in the planning of my training.

Eric Cressey shared an article on 3 Principles for Understanding and Improving Mobility and how improving mobility can help you to get in better positions for your lifts.

Robertson Training Systems shared his advice on RTS Coachin: Thorax Rotation I really like the cue with the laser, which I used a lot when training changes of direction with my tennis players.


Plyometric Training Articles

ScienceForSport shared an infographic about plyometric training from Sport Science Infographics


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles

T-Nation shared an article on How to Fix a Really Ugly Squat – Improve Your Squat From the Bottom Up I really like the bottom up approach and use it in most cases myself.


Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared an article on 4 Movements For a Monster Deadlift – A 6-Week Plan for a New PR  I like the emphasis on the underlying principles the SAID principle and understanding & knowing the sticking point.  Focusing on this 2 points can be helpful for other exercises as well.


Power Clean and Power Snatch Articles

Catalystathletics explained how to Improving Your Jump for Snatch & Clean and showing the bi-lateral relation, hence Snatches and Cleans improve jumping, but also jumping improve your snatches and cleans.


Highlight of the week

I have to admit, I am a big fan of Pyrros Dimas, so this documentary is just awesome, and I can’t want for part 2. I respect how much he has sacrificed for his sport, as he explains in this video (from around minute 16:00)

Unforgotten how he bounced back at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 to win his third gold medal


Special mention of the week

My congratulations to my former trainee Marcus Willis, who not only qualified for Wimbledon 2016 and won a round. He had the privilege to play Roger Federer on the center court. Must have been a once in a lifetime experience.



Well done Willbomb!