Article recommendations week #24 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #24 2018

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power outlined one of the most fundamental principles of building muscle mass Lift Big to Get Big I believe, if people would put that principle first in their training, we would see more muscular people on this planet.

T-Nation shared

  • Tip: Choose Your Own HIIT how auto-regulated High-Intensity Interval Training can help the average gym-goer to achieve better results. Interestingly, I have published an article last week HIIT is BS, outlining research indicating that HIIT might not be the right training method for advanced athletes, but more for the average gym-goer, as the article from T-Nation suggests.
  • Tip: Your 1RM Doesn’t Really Matter I would argue, the thought process of this article is correct, if you use your 1 RM to test your strength levels, however, the 1 RM is still one of the important measures to calculate your training intensity. Check out the article 4 Methods to Calculate your Front Squat Max that outlines how to use your 1 RM, and also alternative methods to predict your 1 RM.

Breaking Muscle explained

Train Heroic explained the phenomenon of learning movement and outlines useful progressions of learning movements in the article Improve Programming By Using A Learning Curve

Power Athlete HQ shared a primer on Tendinitis: Where Do I Begin? a great article about the causes of tendinitis, balancing the dose-response and which variables to manipulate to recover from tendinitis.

Simplifaster outlined Strength and Conditioning Advice When Training Golfers the physical demands of golf performance and appropriate training interventions to improve golf performance and prevent injuries, ties in very well with the article I have written this week Why is strength training important for athletes?

Elite FTS showed a Training to Do Your First Pull-Up a simple and common-sense approach to getting your first Pull-up.

Nutrition Articles

Fitness & Power explained why you need to Control the Insulin – Burn the Fat! the role of insulin, and why you need to keep your insulin under control to maximize fat loss.

Picture Fit discussed Exogenous Ketone Supplements – Do They Work? does it make sense to supplement exogenous ketones and what the research says. Interesting findings, that can guide you to decide whether you should purchase extra ketones or not

Men’s Health listed 6 Ketogenic Diet Side Effects No One Talks About the ketogenic diet has gained popularity over the last years again, however, it is important to be aware of the side effects, whether they are severe or not…

Shredded By Science outlined

  • the basics of Nutrition For Muscle Gain, the ‘need to do’s’ if you want to gain size
  • History Of Calories | Calorie Values Of Macronutrients, the purpose of the different macronutrients, the value of different macronutrients and an interesting glimpse into the history of calories. Check it out
  • Macro Ranges for Bulking and Cutting | Macro Ranges Pros and Cons, a nuanced discussion of what is better macro ranges or exact macros? As always the answer depends on various variables. check it out

YLM Sports Science shared an Infographic outlining Dietary Periodization For Sports Performance

Nutritional Periodization Strategies to maximize training results and fat loss

Nutritional Periodization Strategies to maximize training results

I would add to the last point, that quantity, quality and timing are not equal. Whilst all of them are important, quantity seems to be more important than quality, and quality is more important than timing.

Jeff Nippard answered Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day? (What The Science Says), discussing possible originations where the idea of breakfast as most important meal comes from, and looking at the impact on the metabolism if you skip breakfast or not, and pulling out different studies that compare the energy intake throughout the day between breakfast skippers vs non-breakfast skippers, and debating the impact on breakfast skipping on muscle gain and general health. Check it out

Squat Articles

Stack listed 5 Split Squat Variations to Level up Your Training different variations of the Bulgarian Split Squat with a modified implement, different ranges of motion and bar positions to change the training outcome of this squat variation.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Front Squat Pillar #5 | The Ascent discussing foot position, knee position, hip position and elbow position. Common errors during the Front Squat causing you to get stuck on the ascent, and cues how to get unstuck. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics discussed

Simplifaster explained Why the Jerk Lift Is the Crown Jewel in Weightlifting the article is absolutely spot on, however, it is also correct as stated in the article, that it does require a lot of technical work to master this lift.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Snatch Pillar #2 | The Pull to the Hip, the optimal movement pattern of  the first pull, common technical flaws and how to correct these flaws, check it out

Zach Telander discussed The White Moment | Mental Preparation for Weightlifting, how do you prepare for the moment when it matters most? Check it out