Article recommendations week #23 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #23 2017

Strength Training Articles shared

Fitness & Power explained how to properly train and prepare for 1 RM test in the article Improve Your One-Rep Max

PictureFit asked and answered Fish Oil: Worth Taking? a really good, well researched in-depth answer, check it out

Cycling Weekly explained How to train like a sprinter a really good overview of how track cyclists train, also check out the tutorial of my colleague Martin Evan, former GB Cycling, now FA on teaching the fundamental movement patterns, squat, hinge, lunge, push and pull

Bonvec Strength explained The Bench Press Arch: 4 Reasons Why You Should Use It outlining good and solid rationale for arching during the bench press.

Stack outlined

EliteFTS explained The Need for Flexibility in Exercise Selection and Progression and how strength coaches especially strength coaches training athletes need to be flexible and adaptable in their programming as well as day to day training delivery.

Juggernaut Training Systems

  • discussed Selecting and Progressing Weights, answering the question how to select the right weight and what to consider in the process of progressing the weights, check out the video
  • shared What’s Your Question? #8 discussing how to train after a Powerlifting meet, should you train the Clean & Jerk or should you separate the Clean and Jerk in training, set and reps for accessory work, how to structure an overreaching week, Deadlift strength and correlation to Olympic Lifts, check out the video
  • Power Training Articles

    Stack explained how to get more powerful with Velocity-Based Training: Jump Higher, Run Faster, Get Stronger, But Lift Lighter a truly great and detailed piece on VBT.

    Plyometric Training Articles

    Stack shared

    Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

    T-Nation shared a Tip: The 5 Squat Commandments important considerations for the ambitious squatter. explained How To Squat: Proper Techniques For A Perfect Squat an outline how to perform a squat.

    Mens XP listed 4 Tips That Will Help You Become A Formidable Squatter From A ‘Bro-Squatter’ how the average gym goer can learn a proper free weight Squat.

    Dr. John Rusin outlined the benefits of the Goblet Squat in the article The Best Squat You Aren’t Doing: The Goblet Squat

    Olympic Lifting Articles 

    Train Heroic explained How To Program Olympic Lifts For Field Athletes an in-depth piece on Olympic lifting for athletes, covering rationale, programming, training frequency, transfer to sports performance, safety measures and considerations and the coaching aspect.

    Catalystathletics explained Why Your Pulls Feel Ten Times Heavier Than Your Lifts how to mentally approach your big lifts.

    The Bar Bend

    The Barbell Physio listed Top Five Core Moves To Improve Olympic Weightlifting whilst I am not too sure about the exercise selection, I do lie the approach of finding the appropriate exercise depending on the deficiency you want to address.

    Juggernaut Training Systems shared Weightlifting Technique Triad, JTS approach to evaluate Weightlifting technique and spotting the right areas for improvement, check it out

    Deadlift Articles shared 2 Easy Ways to Deadlift More with Silent Mike & Alan Thrall a good video tutorial on getting into the right start position as a basis for a successful Deadlift, check it out


    T-Nation shared a Tip: The 5 Deadlift Commandments what you need to Deadlift more and heavier.

    The Bar Bend outlined

    Highlight of the week

    My daughter successfully getting her level 2 swim diploma, knowing she went to quite a bit of struggle to get it

    I do like Mark Rippetoe’s explanation of The Mathematical Nature of Strength Training, following Leonardo Da Vinci’s principle ‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’  an audio only explanation of the simplicity of strength training (please don’t confuse simple with easy), check it out