Article recommendations week #22 2016

We have searched the net and sorted some of the most interesting and valuable articles of week 22

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle published a good article about perfect form or technique and explaining why there is no such thing as perfect technique In my opinion there is no such thing as perfect technique, but there is surely optimal technique and as a coach it’s important to understand what is acceptable technique and what is not acceptable technique. Below is one of my ‘favourite’ videos about deadlifting technique, which I classify as not acceptable.

I hope for that guy he is not in a wheelchair and still alive.

Lift Big Eat Big posted a great article about whether your warm-up is preventing your progress the author has done a great job explaining what a warm-up can do for you and that there needs to be a purpose to the warm-up as it serves as a preparation for the main part of the training. Too often the warm-up sets, because of the lighter load are not treated with the same concentration and athletes are just going through the motion, rather than using it as an opportunity to consolidate the existing technique.

Power Athlete broke down technical learning into 3 Levels of Perfecting Movement

Elite FTS published a solid article about Muscle Fibre Types and Training and basic concepts of muscle fibre type adaptations to training.

Breaking Muscle shared a four-step process how to Write Your Own Program and how programming evolves over time according to your needs.

T-Nation outlined the benefits of eccentric contraction in their article Lower Slower, Gain Faster in my opinion accentuated eccentric training has it’s place in training, but needs to be well planned in into the overall training plan.

Stack published an article about 5 Resisted Speed Training Methods That Will Increase Your Top Speed showing how different training modes can be effectively implemented into the resisted sprint training program.

Strengtheory published a very well researched article about Genetics and Strength Training  and as we all expected the sad truth is, that we have different genes and not everyone responds with the same magnitude of adaptations to training. Frankly speaking, some make more progress than others even though they put the same work in. I have seen that over and over again. But a word of caution, I have also seen, those people who put the work in and show up every time can still make immense progress over time!

Breaking Muscle shared another really interesting and useful article how asking questions can improve coaching in their article Ask – don’t tell: The Question Behaviour Effect

T-Nation described pain tolerance as The Best Predictor of Success I agree it is one factor, but I would argue it’s the best predictor.

Breaking Muscle explained how persistence creates positive change when attempting to improve flexibility and how to Master the Fundamentals 


Plyometric Training Articles

Squash Skills published an article about Plyometrics for Squash Players which gives a good overview of the history of plyometrics and how plyometric training evolved. In my opinion, there are more arguments to be added to the conclusion, how effective plyometric training for squash is. Especially looking at lower body plyometrics to improve footwork and changes of direction and upper body plyometrics to improve the shots.


Back Squat, Front Squat and Overhead Squat Articles

Unfortunately, this week I couldn’t find any useful articles about Back Squat, Front Squats or Overhead Squats. Luckily I have written an article about the 9 benefits of Overhead Squats


Power Snatch Articles

Catalystathletics  shared a post featuring a video of a Power Snatch into Overhead Squat an exercise complex we are using all the time in our progression to learn the Power Snatch. It is especially helpful to teach the proper catch position and breaking from the hip and not from the knees.


Random Articles

I am happy to share, that my athletes had great success at the BMX World Championships in Medellin, Colombia

Merel Smulders Junior World Champion 2016 Time Trial and Niek Kimmann World Champion 2016 Time Trial.

Ruby Huisman Junior World Champion 2016

A short video of the time trial from Niek Kimmann

In the last week there video went viral showcasing an athlete performing agility drills. While the performance on these drills might look spectacular, the majority of practitioners (especially strength & conditioning coaches) ask themselves about the transfer of these drills to ‘on-field performance’, SportScienceCollective made an effort to explain the transfer of these drills into the real sporting environment, which I believe makes a lot of sense.