Article recommendations week #21 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #21 2018

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Health listed 6 Top Trainers Share Their Mental Strength Hacks to Push Through Obstacles, an interesting read, some hacks seem to be more useful than others though.

Omar Issuf elaborated what is The Easiest Way To Get Stronger (Besides Programming) the importance of creating the right environment, such as training partner, having the right people around you, as well as the right gym environment. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared

Bodybuilding demonstrated How to Bench Press + Q&A | Meg Squats, a good Powerlifting Bench Press tutorial, a bit lengthy, but definitely good cues, worth watching. Check it out

Picture Fit explained What is Overreaching and Why Is It So Important For Gains? discussing what overreaching is and why it is important, as the title suggests. But also explaining the differences between functional overreaching and non-functional overreaching, discussing possible overreaching strategies and symptoms of overreaching. Check it out

Eric Cressey outlined his rationale on a heated discussion Why You Shouldn’t Look Up When You Lift.

Simplifaster asked Is Sleep the Most Underrated Hack for Performance Enhancement? the influence on sleep on memory, skill development and recovery and different strategies to improve sleep quality (and quantity).

Starting Strength outlined The Problem with “Exercise Science”, another Rippetoe’s view on a topic, worth listening to this audio only

Elite FTS explained Athlete Expectations and Performance Inhibition – Victoria Felkar an interesting talk about bridging sports science and training practice and whether we coaches are actually improving their performance or inhibiting their performances. Not sure whether I would agree with everything, however, it does challenge some of your / my thought processes. Check it out

Science For Sport released Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) what BIA is, how accurately it can determine body composition, the latest scientific research and future work needed.

Breaking Muscle discussed Learn A New Skill Or Re-Learn What You Think You Know describing the different stages of learning. Also, check out the article I have written how to apply the different stages of learning into the coaching practice.

Shrugged Collective described strategies to Creating the Ultimate Gym Culture that can help to get your gym take off. Interesting points, check it out

Nutrition Articles

The PTDC answered all questions surrounding protein in the article A Trainer’s Guide to Protein how much protein do you need, what are the best protein sources, protein timing and much more.

Picture Fit asked

  • Does Dark Chocolate Help Improve Your Eyesight? what does that have to do with training? Well, some sports do actually rely on certain visual skills, such as shooting, archery, tennis, table tennis, the list could go on and on… If that doesn’t apply to you, just check it out, because it’s interesting anyway
  • How Much Caffeine is Too Much? Outlining the side effects of too much caffeine, prescribing the maximal caffeine dosage range, as well as the different caffeinated sources or supplements. Check it out don’t know,

The Bar Bend discussed Is a High Protein Diet Really Bad for Your Kidneys? outlining what actually is a high protein diet and under what circumstances it can be harmful to your kidneys.

Jeff Nippard discussed SARMS: What’s All The Hype About? Is it worth taking? Does it have side effects? Is it legal? Interesting points, check it out

If I can add my 2 Cents our body is a homeostatic system, and any changes to this system will have a response at some point in time.

What does that mean?

If you are able to change your hormonal system in the direction you want it, there will be a change into the direction you don’t want at a later point.

Plyometric Training Articles

Catalystathletics claims Don’t Jump with Your Arms the benefits of removing the contribution of the arms on a box jump. if you want to achieve a specific goal.

Squat Articles

Fitness & Power explained 20 Rep Squats Routine : The Brutal Path To Massive Gains if you are interested in muscular hypertrophy, try the 20 rep squat routine, but be prepared it’s definitely taxing.

T-Nation shared

  • Tip: Hands-Free Front Squat as a teaching tool to improve your squat pattern. If you have been following what my athletes are doing, you can see, that we use the Handsfree Front Squat extensively to learn the squat pattern, as well as to consolidate the squat patterns. Check out the example of double Olympian Twan van Gendt performing a Handsfree Front Squat with 160 kg

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Front Squat Pillar #2 | Breathing & Bracing outlining the main differences in the breathing and bracing technique between Front Squat vs Back Squat due to the different bar position, how to execute the breathing and bracing manoeuvre during the Front Squat and the correct spinal position in the Front Squat. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Takano Weightlifting explained How to Help Your Pre-Adolescent Child on the Pathway to the Weightlifting Medal Stand with an unexpected piece of advice of what will help your kid most to achieve weightlifting success.

Deadlift Articles

Breaking Muscle listed 5 Tips For A Stronger Deadlift simple and effective tips.