Article recommendations week #20 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #20 2017

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power outlined The 7 Basic Exercises For Building Brute Strength a good article with a strong emphasis on fundamental movements.

EliteFTS offered valuable alternatives for the big 3 lift in the article Bench, Squat, and Deadlift Alternatives for Bodybuilding

Picture Fit discussed Creatine and Caffeine – A BAD Mix? It’s assumed that creatine and caffeine aren’t the best combinations, however, this small tutorial might surprise you. Check out the video


The Barbell Physio provided a series of progressions for the Overhead Press in the article Scaling The Overhead Press

The Silent Mike explained 3 Ways To Have A Bigger Bench, the first tip is probably the most valuable, you need proper programming and shouldn’t bench heavy in every single training. Check out the video


Broscience busted myths about meal frequency, and cardio in the Myth Busters – The Bro Edition

Mark Rippetoe from Starting Strength discussed Strength and Endurance, I do like the common sense approach, check out the video


For all Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Elite FTS shared What Are Your Biggest Mistakes as a Strength Coach? I can vouch, these are important points to consider.

Juggernaut Training published

  • Whats Your Question? #6, discussing forced reps, deadlift grip and using straps for deadlifting, training phases and more good stuff, check out the video
  • The JuggLife with one of the greatest Powerlifters of all times Ed Coan, interesting discussion about training and planning, check it out


Youth Strength Training Articles

Swim Swam explained consideration for  Taking Your Young Athlete To The Next Level Of Performance outlining important considerations for training youth athletes and busting some common misconceptions.

Nancy Newell shared 5 Lessons Why A Pro Approach Will Fail When Coaching the Youth Athlete emphasizing the fact that youth athletes and their demands are inherently different from adult athletes.

The Gazette published an interview Strength training for youth a maybe outlining important considerations for youth strength training.


Power Training Articles

Stack explained How to Use a Short Workout the Day Before a Game to Increase Your Explosiveness summarizing a study, that compared short explosive sessions vs rest the last days before the competition on performance. The results, the explosive training group improved performance, whilst the rest group didn’t.


Plyometric Training Articles

Breaking Muscle discussed Plyometrics For Bodybuilding the rationale and implementation of Plyometric Training for Bodybuilding. Whilst I agree with the thought process and rationale provided in the article, I would carefully consider training experience of plyometric training and bodyweight when implementing a plyometric training program for bodybuilders.

Fusion Sport released another video on Plyometric Progression with Coach Wilmot this time looking at higher intensity plyometrics and how to progress towards these higher intensities in your plyometric training program. Check it out


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

The Bar Bend published a series of great articles around the topic squatting, check it how

T-Nation shared a Tip: Squat With This Bar outlining the benefits of a Safety Bar Squat and the use of the safety bar.

Mark Rippetoe from Starting Strength discussed Squat Mechanics: A Clarification as a rationale for the squat style he advises.

Sad news, Frederik Hatfield passed away at the age of 74 years. Who don’t know who Fred Hatfield is, the first man to squat 1000 pounds in competition and nicknamed Dr. Squat, check out one of his last talks sharing his wealth of knowledge about strength training


Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation shared a


EliteFTS showed a complete list of considerations and programming options for the Deadlift in the article Building the Raw Deadlift


Highlight of the week

Roger Federer pulls out of the French Open this year.

Why is this a highlight?

In my opinion, Federer demonstrates, how important decisions are and that being a professional athlete with a goal in mind sometimes requires you to take decisions, that you don’t like in order to raise your chances of getting something what you really want.

Federer states the decision to pull out of Roland Garros is based on his goal to be in the best possible shape for Wimbledon and to have a long career.