Article recommendations week #2 2019

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #2 2019

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle discussed Specificity, what specificity is and means, and why an emphasis on specificity has a trade-off in other areas.

Jeff Nippard described how to Build Bigger Shoulders With Perfect Training Technique (The Overhead Press), the muscular anatomy of the shoulder complex, muscular activation of different Overhead Press variations, the correct technical execution, and common errors and technical flaws, and how to fix these errors and flaws. Check it out

T-Nation shared

  • a Tip: Is Your Chronotype Making You Depressed? outlining the results of research looking at the time you go to sleep and its’ effect on mood state, body composition, and cognitive functions.
  • Tip: Master the Feeder Set, I have actually never heard the name feeder set, however, the principle of having a set that is heavier than usual warm-up set, and lighter than the training set is definitely valuable.

The Barbell Physio listed The Best Hamstring Mobility Exercises a selection of active and passive hamstring mobility exercises. demonstrated Best Face Pull Variation You’re Not Doing w/ John Rusin, the benefits of the face pull, different face pull variations and a combination of resistance bands and exercise machines combined for a face pull. Check it out

The Bar Bend released

  • Chin Up Exercise Guide outlining the technical execution, benefits of chin-ups, muscular activation and programming guidelines.
  • Shrugs Exercise Guide, also here the technical execution, benefits of Shrugs, muscular activation and programming guidelines.

Alan Thrall explained how to Improve Your Ability To Recover Between Sets, how to effectively manage your rest periods, so that you can maximize your workout results. Check it out

Stack outlined

Simplifaster listed 3 Sports Science Tests Any Coach Can Use (and Stay on Budget), simple test you can use, how to interpret the data of the tests, and the training adjustments based on the test results.

Broscience compared

Tony Gentilcore explained the importance of Glute Training For Athletes describing the function of the glutes, and appropriate glute training exercises.

Elite FTS discussed

Nutrition Articles

Breaking Muscle discussed Everything You Should Know About Protein Supplements a good piece explaining the role of protein, benefits of protein for strength gains and muscle growth, how much you need, and what affects protein requirements, safety, protein timing, and much more common questions answered.

Renaissance Periodization shared The RP Diet 2.0 | Chapter 4| Nutrient Timing, outlining how many different meals you need and when, what counts as a meal, how the macronutrient distribution changes depending on the timing of the meal, and the relative importance of nutrient timing. Check it out

Shrugged Collective asked

  • How Much Protein Should You Eat Post Workout w/ Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, discussing the question of protein quantity, and how it changes through different activity levels. Check it out
  • How Much Protein Per Meal To Gain Muscle w/ Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, the evergreen question of how much protein do you need, how much protein per kg bodyweight, and the rate of protein absorption. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Power Athlete HQ listed 7 Coaching Tools To Master The Power Clean: Part II a continuation of their coaching progression to learn the Power Clean. Also, check out part 1.

Catalystathletics discussed the Snatch turnover, and how to effectively get into the bottom position. Check it out

The Bar Bend explained Why Olympic Weightlifting Makes Great Wrestlers the unique benefits of Olympic Weightlifting on wrestling performance.

Zack Telander asked What the f*&% do I do with my arms? w/ Max Aita, outlining common problems of the arm use or non-use during the olympic lifts, and how to fix it. Check it out

Squat Articles 

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Ultimate Squat for Quads how to use the Front Squat for maximum quad gains.

Juggernaut Training Systems followed up on last week’s topic with Addressing Weak Points in the Squat – Weak Legs, how to identify the weak legs, and corrective exercises to fix this imbalance. Check it out

Zack Telander discussed Strength Development for Long Legs w/ Max Aita, common problems lifters with long legs experience, and how to find alternatives to train your legs. Check it out

All Things Gym shared some impressive footage of Tia Tao squatting 295 kg, from warm-up to heavy working sets. I find particularly impressive how well he maintains form during the heavy working sets. Check it out

Deadlift Articles 

The Bar Bend explained Why You Should Be Pulling Sumo Deadlifts From a Deficit, the benefits of the Sumo Deadlift from a deficit, the technical execution and programming considerations.

Tony Gentilcore discussed Using Fillers In Your Programs: Deadlifts, what fillers are, the benefits of fillers, and what are appropriate filler for your Deadlift sets.