Article recommendations week #2 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #2 2017

Strength Training Articles

The Chicago Now published an awesome article about the relation between teaching and strength training and How weight training reminded me what good teaching is

Strength Made Simple outlined the relation between successive cycles of stress and recovery for adaptation to occur in the article Keep it simple – Assess Stress Adapt

Tying in with the previous article David De Llanave explained Stress is Not Stress outlining the connection between stressors and response.


Fitness & Power explained How Overtraining Can Ruin Your Results. Here’s How to Know If You’re Overdoing It a short and sweet overview of indicators of overtraining.

Freeletics offered a simple straightforward guide to a good sleep A Guide To Good Sleep Part 1: How To Drop Those Unhealthy Pre-Bed Habits

Stack discussed How Supersets Might Be Sabotaging Your Max Strength and Power a really good discussion on when to pair and when not to pair, as well as offering applicable alternatives.

Train Heroic explained Percentages Are Worthless: Planning Volume and Intensity For High School Athletes based on the idea that percentages are based on a 1 RM and young athletes don’t have a 1 RM and working with small linear progressions. I am following a similar approach with my young athletes. Check out the discussion

Men’s Fitness shared Your 3-step plan to do 20 pull-ups without stopping I like the solid step-by-step outline even though could be a bit more elaborated.

Breaking Muscle published An Idiot’s Guide To Progressive Strength Workouts a really good article emphasizing the fact that training needs to be progressive in order to make improvements.

Dr. John Rusin explained The Exercises To Build Strong Abs & Healthy Lower Backs what I like about this article is that it has a logical approach to training the trunk and elaborating on different functions of the trunk and different positions to train the trunk.

Nia Shanks explained 10 Overlooked Reasons Why Every Woman Should Strength Train a truly great article outlining the benefits of strength training.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed Scientific Muscle Building an interesting discussion, check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

The Bar Bend discussed The Jump Squat: How, When, and Why Weightlifters Should Include Them In Training more from an angle of improvements for Olympic weightlifting,  however, the same applies to other sports that require high levels of power.

Speed Training Articles

EliteFTS explained how to program for speed and power based on an example for Rugby, but can also be used for other sports in te article Programming for Speed and Power a really solid common sense approach!

Back Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat Articles 

Robertson Training Systems offered 4 Squat Variations You Should Try ASAP some good variations to include in your warm-up for the big squats.

Breaking Muscle explained Why You Shouldn’t Squat not really emphasizing not to squat, more a good discussion which squat variation fits to which individual.

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation offered a Tip: Strong Glutes, Better Deadlifts and explained how bands can help to increase the activation of the glutes by applying additional resistance in a horizontal line, check out the video

Stack showed some variations of the Split Stance Deadlift with a trap bar in the article Build a Strong Lower Body With This Little-Known Deadlift Variation we use this variation at times.

Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics shared their thoughts on Weightlifting Complexes: Getting Started with the Basics something we use all the time, whether it’s in warm-up or a regular part of the training.

We use these complexes mainly to improve the Power Clean technique and Power Snatch technique, check out this complex of Hang Power Snatch / Hang Snatch and Power Snatch / Snatch and Overhead Squat

The Bar Bend explained the 3 Reasons Why Weightlifters Can Benefit from the Behind the Neck Push Press as a worthy add-on for overhead work.

T-Nation offered a Tip: The Bodybuilder’s Olympic Lift demonstrating the Muscle Snatch as an easier to perform Olympic lift for bodybuilders. Check it out

Highlights of the week

I definitely like the video Aleksey Torokhtiy shared on including his kid into the warm-up


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The best article is probably the speed training article from EliteFTS about Programming for Speed and Power.