Article recommendations week #19 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #19 2017

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle shared

Broscience took a dive into goal setting and how to set goals with the SMART system in their article Get SMART With Your Goals I believe goal setting should be one of the first steps in the training process, as it determines the course of action. I have also outlined this process in the article

PictureFit discussed What are SUPERSETS and Are They Even WORTH DOING? starting off with a general explanation of what supersets are, but also outlining research demonstrating the advantages of supersets, check out the video


The Barbell Physio outlined The Best Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobility Exercises a series of useful mobility drills to improve your ankle mobility.

Freeletics listed 3 steps to develop a passion for your training in the article Use It Or Lose It – Developing Your Passion For Practice

EliteFTS discussed How to Utilize Max Effort Training for Athletes, the considerations for including max effort training and how to build up for max effort training, check out the video


Stack offered 3 Tips to Lift Heavier Without Injuring Yourself simple, but good advice.

The Strength Sensei explained a method to detect the strength deficit and actionable advice to use the data in your strength training program in the article Strength Deficit: Should You Train for Size or Strength?

The Bar Bend explained What’s the Difference Between Slow and Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers? a very good overview of the different characteristics of the muscle fiber types.

The PTDC offered The Coaching Algorithm an awesome framework to actively engage trainees.

The Bar Bend compared Trap Bar Deadlift vs Squats vs Leg Press – Best Exercise for Strength? a good and nuanced discussion outlining the unique benefits of each individual exercise.

Complementary Training shared Physical Preparation for Team Sports: Weekly Plans

[Part 6] putting all the pieces of the previous 5 articles together.

Juggernaut Training published Whats Your Question? #5, discussing Squat to Deadlift ratios, explosive movements for strength athletes, the use of EMOM (every minute on the minute) and more good stuff, check out the video


Youth Strength Training Articles

EliteFTS explained why Your Kid Is Not a Pro Athlete a really good article on the priorities, requirements, and considerations when training youth athletes.

Mike Boyle discussed Youth Performance Training a collection of interesting Q & A’s related to Youth Training.


Plyometric Training Articles

Fusion Sport released another video on Plyometric Progression with Coach Wilmot looking at lateral plyometric progressions, check it out


Back Squat and Front Squat Articles 

Check out Karen Hesthammer from Norway setting a new world record in the Back Squat, 185 kgs at 52 kg body weight

Elite FTS shared a squat tutorial to acquire the basic squatting movement pattern in the article WATCH: The Strength Coach Development Center — Squat Progressions also check out the instructional video, good stuff!


Deadlift Articles 

It looks like T-Nation had a Deadlift theme this week and shared some valuable articles

Also, check out how bands and chains work.


Highlight of the week

Congrats to one of my athletes, Dave van der Burg for placing himself right after the Olympic Champion Connor Fields in this weeks’ BMX Supercross World Cup round 3

and Twan van Gendt won the BMX Supercross World Cup round 4 one day later.