Article recommendations week #18 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #18 2018

Strength Training Articles

The Strength Sensei explained The Best Training Program Doesn’t Exist a great article going beyond the usual training discussion, but definitely worth reading and processing the information.

T-Nation shared

  • a Tip: Multi-Contraction Drop Set a combination of regular sets, added resistance and assisted resistance in order to extend the set. Check out how it works

YLM Sports Science answered Do We Need A Cool-Down After Exercise? an infographic explaining the benefits of cool-down for different training goals.

The Barbell Physio listed The Best Books For Fitness And Rehab Professionals some of these books I know, and think they are great, some I don’t, but will check out.

Elite FTS shared

  • another Core Values — Trust, their take on trust, why you need to earn trust and how trust unfolds in their practical approach. Check it out
  • Injury Prevention in the NFL – Tom Myslinski, an interesting talk. Do check it out

Complementary Training outlined HIT Conditioning: Planning Strategies – Part 2 how to plan your conditioning over multiple weeks. Also, check out the first part, which forms the basis to understand this article.

Picture Fit asked What is Overtraining? outlining what overtraining is, the differences between overtraining and overreaching, how to detect overtraining, and the causes & symptoms, as well as how to avoid overtraining. Check it out

The Poliquin Group discussed Are You Compromising Muscle Growth With High-Intensity Circuit Training? a very common question, well answered.

Stack released Contrast Training 101: Every Athlete Should Know This Technique what contrast training is, what it can do for you, what you need to have mastered before using contrast training and training guidelines.

Simplifaster shared insights into Applied Sports Science in Professional Ice Hockey with Eric Renaghan an interview with an NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach, worth reading.

Nutrition Articles

The Bar Bend took a dive into glycogen and discussed

Power Training Articles

Power Athlete HQ shared Fred Hatfield’s Influence On Power Athlete by summarizing a few chapters of his book and explaining his training philosophy. Fred Hatfield has been one of the early influencers of myself as well.

Plyometric Training Articles

Athletics Weekly listed 8 important items on a Plyometric checklist short, concise and good.

Agility Training Articles

Simplifaster asked Are Closed Change of Direction Drills Useful for Developing Agility? a great discussion including what agility is, what influences agility and how this influence unfolds in practice, including an interesting discussion on the closed drill to open drill progression vs the constraints-led approach.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics explained Creating the Optimal Back Arch in Snatch & Clean a truly great article, looking at the normal physiological make-up of the spine and how this applies to the back position during the Olympic lifts.

Squat Articles 

The Bar Bend shared Box Squat vs Regular Squat – Which Is Best for Your Goals? outlining the unique benefits of each squat variation and the benefits of each squat variation of different ‘populations, such as fitness & general health, powerlifters, weightlifters, etc.

Stack listed 4 Squat Variations Every Athlete Should Know and why they should know them.

Starting Strength explained Hamstrings and The Squat, how the hamstring is involved in the squat, differences between hamstring activation in the Front Squat vs Back Squat. Check out the audio

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend shared

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Sumo Pillar #5 | The Lockout, the last part of the Sumo Deadlift series, the initiation of the lockout, arm tightness and to lean or not to lean in the lockout. Check it out