Article recommendations week #16 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #16 2017

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle shared

Broscience published

The Bar Bend outlined How to Find Your Mentor in Strength Sports touching on a few interesting and good points.

Tony Gentilcore explained his 5 Biggest Learning Curves In My First Year As A Coach offering great points not only for coaches starting out.

Men’s Health shared Tim Ferris’ My 5-Minute Strength Secret whilst I am unsure whether this secret is truly a secret or will help everyone to improve, I like how simple they outlined the importance of strength and explain, that strength is a skill.

The Elite Performance Institute discussed

Rugby Renegade shared a great piece on Rugby Fitness Training: The Ultimate Guide To Get Fitter For Rugby worth reading and sharing!

Stack outlined How Performing More Sets With Less Rest Builds Size, Strength and Power the use of cluster sets for strength development, power development and gaining muscle mass. We use Cluster sets frequently.

Elite FTS explained the use of Unilateral Movements to Help Heal Nagging Injuries a great common sense approach to program unilateral movements into your strength training program.

Stronger by Science outlined How To Get Strong: What is Strong? an in-depth piece worth reading.

Complementary Training shared Physical Preparation for Team Sports: Weekly Plans

[Part 4] I definitely like the thought process behind it, also check out part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Plos Medicine explained Why Most Clinical Research Is Not Useful worth reading.

Juggernaut Training Systems answered Whats Your Question? #2, good questions and even better answers. Check it out


Power Training Articles

The Barbell Spin outlined Optimizing Power Development for CrossFit WODs and explaining the role of strength training in power development and how to use power training for power development.

Breaking Muscle explained the importance of ballistic strength to improve sports performance in the article Ballistic Strength: Adding Velocity To Muscle. To read up more on ballistic training, check out

Speed Training Articles

Stack explained Why This Common Speed Tip May Actually be Slowing You Down what I particularly like about this article, is how they narrow down, that the technical execution of the drill will make or break you.

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack outlined 3 Workout Techniques That Will Make You An Explosive Athlete the use of plyometrics and power training to become more explosive, also check out

Deadlift Articles 

Muscle & Strength outlined How to Pick the Perfect Deadlift Variation for Your Body Type a good overview of how body dimensions influence the Deadlift technique and Deadlift style.

Back Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat Articles 

The Barbell Physio explained Individualization Of Squat Technique – Sports Demands different squatting styles of Powerlifters, Olympic Weightlifters and strength athletes.

Lift Big Eat Big gave a quick and solid outline of the Squat Hand Placement in the Back Squat and how the hand placement influences the Back Squat technique and mechanics.

Mike Boyle explained how to Build Bigger Legs, One Leg At a Time? an interesting discussion.

Dr. John Rusin asked Have You Earned The Right To Squat With The Barbell? the use of the Goblet Squat to learn the Squat technique, as well as identifying weak links in the squatting movement.

Iron Body Artemis shared an interesting overview of 3 Accessory Exercise For The Barbell Back Squat

Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics explained When & How to Think for Weightlifting Technique Correction when and how to use corrective cues to improve Olympic lifting performance.

Stack outlined 4 Exercises That Improve Power Clean Strength and Technique and how to logically include them into your strength training program.

Highlight of the week

My India Trip has to come to an end. I had a great time, meeting old friends and meeting new great and wonderful people, thanks for everything