Article recommendations week #15 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #15 2018

Strength Training Articles

The Bar Bend shared

Breaking Muscle explained

Starting Strength explained Training and The Novice Effect what the novice effect is, why it works and why monitoring and quantifying training and overload is imperative. Check it out

Elite FTS outlined

  • Deloads & Fatigue Management how to effectively deload after a meet, different techniques to deload more sensitive body parts, like the back and exercise selection during a deload, check it out

T-Nation listed 7 Abused and Misused Training Methods an outline of useful training methods and exercise prescriptions, that can definitely go wrong if they aren’t appropriately used or overdone.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared The JuggLife | Zach Even Esh, to some known as the Underground Strength Coach. Check it out

Complementary Training outlined a model to understand the force-velocity curve and factors influencing the force-velocity curve in the article Understanding Force-Velocity Curve Using Simple Mechanical Model

Shrugged Collective shared Barbell Shrugged — Learning to Appreciate Your Body w/ Jen Esquer outlining the importance of dominating mobility for optimal movement through screening and self-analysis. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS followed up on the last week’s posts and explained Know the Trapdoors of Your Youth Training Program, outlining training priorities, number of strength movements, exercise selection, simple monitoring strategies and the importance of a coaching philosophy. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Jeff Nippard discussed Fresh vs Frozen Fruits and Vegetables | Which Are More Nutritious? presenting some interesting data, and concluding that the answer much more depends on various factors, just rather than one is better than the other. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Train Heroic listed 6 important considerations for coaches to implement Plyometrics into their training program in the article A Strength Coach’s Guide to Programming Plyometrics

Stack outlined 4 Advanced Jump Exercises Used By Explosive Athletes a selection of advanced plyo drills.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Catalystathletics explained why you need to invest time into learning the Olympic Lifts early to reap the benefits later in the article Investing Time for Progress: Routine, Detail & Patience in the Olympic Lifts

Elite Track outlined the importance of Overhead movements for track and field throwing athletes in the article Overhead press, push press and push jerk. General considerations and practical applications in the training of elite level throwers

The Bar Bend outlined a corrective exercise for the Jerk to train the catch and receiving position, the Tall Jerk – Technique Video, Variations, and Benefits

What is a Tall Jerk? Check out the video from Catalystathletics

Press in Snatch (Sots Press) Mobility Progression a great outline how to get to the Sots Press, as well as outlining indications where you you need to focus on individually. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems explained the  Scientific Principles of Weightlifting | Variation outlining why variation is important and when to vary, and most importantly, which variables you can vary, which is important because most often variation is often associated with varying exercises. Check it out

Squat Articles 

The Strand shared The Slavic Squat Phenomenon an interesting read.

Deadlift Articles

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Sumo Pillar #2 | The Set-Up discussing the usual flaws in the positioning of the set-up, the grip width and typical errors in the grip width choice, the over-under grip, the hook grip and the initiation of the pull. Check it out