Article recommendations week #13 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #13 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Shredded Sports Science discussed German Volume Training For Muscle Mass Explained, looking at a recent study, that investigated the German Volume Training. Check it out

Elite FTS outlined

iMore listed Best Fitness Trackers for Weight Training in 2020, 11 fitness trackers from low budget to high buget, including their strong points listed.

T-Nation shared Build Muscle at Home, demonstrating advanced bodyweight exercises and bodyweight exercise combinations to stimulate growth. asked the common question we as coaches receive Do You Really Need Special Weight Lifting Shoes? What weightlifting do, who should get them, and who shouldn’t.

Catalystathletics asked Should You Wear a Belt and When? A very common question, with a straightforward common sense answer. And not only applicable for Olympic Weightlifting Check it out

Bach Performance showed

  • How to do a one-arm Push-Up, the one-arm Push-Up is one of the heroic feats of strength a lot of people chase. Here is an approach to master it.
  • a way to get the most out of your training in the minimal amount of time in the article 30 Minute Mass.

Breaking Muscle discussed how to monitor and individualize your training in the article Individualizing Training: Structural Balance, Intensity And Autoregulation.

Renaissance Periodization discussed Session Design, going through the importance of a warm-up, exercise order, rest periods and number of sessions. Check it out

Fitness Volt shared

BoxRox released Ankle Mobility: How and Why you Need to Improve Yours Today, why ankle mobility is important, how to assess it, and how to train it.

Science For Sports asked Asymmetry between limbs: Does it really matter? An often discussed question, taking a look into the research, and the findings from scientific studies.

Rett Larson shared bodyweight workout ideas for Volleyball players, however, I believe it’s applicable for many people these days looking for ideas to train by themselves, with very little equipment. Check out part 1

and part 2

Eric Cressey demonstrated how to progress the GHR (glute ham raise) in the article Game-Planning for the Glute-Ham Raise. provided an interesting read on Serge Nubret: How to Train like the Bodybuilding Maverick, some thought-provoquing training and nutrition practices that go against the common wisdom.

Nutrition Articles

The Bar Bend listed 7 Best Pre Workouts for Fat Loss, Cardio, and More, discussing ingredients in pre-workouts and the best products on the market. Check it out

Power Training Articles

Stack listed 3 Ways to Increase Power Without Olympic Lifts, whilst the title might indicate they outline exercise variations, it’s more about different training tactics to increase power development.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy released a massive 235 kg Push Jerk, including warm-up, comments, and some additional training footage. Check it out

Zack Telander said I believe Lasha is the Strongest man in the world, discussing why Lasha Talkhadze could be the strongest man in the world. If  you think Lasha is impressive, watch this video

Catalystathletics shared Get Control & Focus for Technique in Weightlifting, the most important considerations to improve technique, not only applicable for Olympic Weightlifting.

Weightlifting House showed some cool impressions from 2 successful contemporary weightlifters Ilya Ilyin vs Meso Hassona PR Max Front Squat. Check it out

Starting Strength released  Power Clean Series Part 2 – Jumping with straight arms, the importance of keeping the arms straight to transfer the forces into the bar. Check it out

Squat Articles shared The History of the Squat, outlining different feats of strength in history from Sandow, Milo, Anderson and Platz.

The video that broke the internet, Chris Duffin squatting 1000 lbs for a double, here he outlines how he prepared for it, trained for it and the necessary motivation. Check it out