Article recommendations week #12 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #12 2017

Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS shared How Do You Periodize Intensity Techniques? a solid piece on the different intensity techniques and how to program them.

Lift Big, Eat Big explained how to build good habits by using the Four stages of competence framework in the article The Ultimate Guide To Forming Unbreakable Habits. If you are unfamiliar with the Four stages of competence framework, check out this short explainer video


Juggernaut Training Systems busted another Fitness Myths | Magic Exercises | I like how they dissect the common idea, that a slight change in hand position and/or foot position will result in magical outcomes and put into perspective, what to focus on instead. Check it out


Power Training Articles

Stack outlined 3 Ways That Building Strength Will Make You Faster outlining a few adaptations that contribute to higher speed and power levels.

Plyometric Training Articles

Complementary Training shared Plyometric Progression with Coach Wilmot | Part 7 the continuation of contrast training to elicit PAP (post activation potentiation), working on the transfer to a horizontal impulse, check out the video

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Deadlift Articles 

The Bar Bend discussed Romanian Deadlift vs Stiff Leg Deadlift – Differences and Hamstring Benefits good article explaining the diferences of the two often synonymously used terms for two distinct lifts. I have also given my outline in the article

Or watch the short tutorial on the Bending or Hip Hinging Pattern


Back Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat Articles 

The Poliquin Group explains Why You Should Always Squat With Your Knees Past Your Toes providing good evidence for their claim.

The Barbell Physio discusses Are Tight Hip Muscles Limiting Your Squat? by looking at the structure of the hip and discussing which muscle group influences the squat most.

Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics discussed How to Fix Powering More Than You Squat the phenomenon, that some athletes and people are able to lift heavier loads in the Power derivatives of the Olympic Lifts, such as the Power Snatch and Power Clean vs the Snatch and the Clean.

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared his famous Tor Complex, a combination of Snatch, Overhead Squat and Snatch balance. Check it out, worth watching


Highlight of the week

We had a few new PB’s this week. Check out

BMX rider Dave van der Burg Back Squatting 240 kg

BMX rider Niels Bensink Cleaning 132.5 kg

BMX rider and silver medallist at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 Jelle van Gorkom Bench Pressing 110 kg