Article recommendations week #10 2019

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #10 2019

Strength Training Articles

Picture Fit discussed How to Get Abs | Best Practices to Build a Six Pack, what are the appropriate repetition ranges, upper abs vs lower abs, exercise progressions, should you train your abs every day

The Bar Bend shared Dips Exercise Guide, discussing technical execution, set & rep schemes, benefits and exercise variations.

Jeff Nippard outlined how to Build Huge Chest And Shoulders With Perfect Technique (Dip Form Explained), muscular activation of the Dip, correct technical execution, common errors and how to fix them. Check it out

Stack explained Why Your Sprint Intervals Are Probably Way Too Long, outlining the results of a study, where shorter sprint intervals lead to higher total work done.

Shredded Sports Science asked Is Steve Cook’s Occlusion Training Broscience? What BFR (blood flow restriction) is, what it does, and how to use it, using the underlying research. Check it out

Elite FTS provided

Breaking Muscle outlined why you need to Reset Your Default To Force Adaptation, why and how adaptations occur and how to elicit further adaptations to a given stimulus.

Power Athlete HQ discussed why rehab is training and training is rehab, pain and movement, and the importance of technical mastery in the article Rehab To Performance: What’s Missing?

The PTDC explained How I Launched a Sports Performance Business in a Town that Didn’t Want One, a 3-step process to convince people of your qualities and business venture. Interesting read.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared

  • Sports Performance Pillars | Speed & Power Development, training methods for speed & power development, reps & sets for spped & power, work to rest ratios, and appropriate exercise selection. Check it out
  • The JuggLife | J Aggabao – Mamba Sports Academy, an inside look into the Mamba Sports Academy, the day to day activities and their training philosophy, Interesting chat

Youth Strength Training Articles

Jeff Nippard asked Should Teenagers Train The Same As Adults? (Science Based), looking at research indicating the differences between training for adults vs teenagers. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Rennaissance Periodization shared The RP Diet 2.0 | Chapter 11 | Adjusting Your Diet, based on the principle, that nothing works for ever, this video discusses strategies to adjust the diet after a fat loss diet, or muscle building diet. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Simplifaster discussed Plyometric Essentials for the High School Track Coach, a great outline why plyometrics is more than just contact times, and how the application of plyometrics changes based on the training goal, e.g. sprinting vs change of direction.

Power Training Articles

Simplifaster outlined Progressions for Power Training in the Weight Room with John Cissik, describing exercise progressions, as well as planning progressions.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics explained How To Stay Connected For A Better Jerk Dip & Drive, outlining how the disconnection occurs, and how to prevent it. Also check out the additional explainer video

Squat Articles 

The Bar Bend explained How to Goblet Squat, the correct grip, stance, kettle bell position, breathing, descent and ascent, what to avoid and alternative goblet squat exercises. Check it out

Tony Gentilcore outlined the Complete Squat Warm-up, how to effectively use mobility drills and squat variations to prime yourself for the squat workout.

Jeff Nippard discussed Do Squats And Deadlifts Really Build Abs? (What The Science Says), a very common question, the influence on heavy squats and deadlifts on the development of the abdominals.

Deadlift Articles 

T-Nation busted The Top 10 Deadlift Myths, from rep ranges to grip variations and planning considerations.

Starting Strength demonstrated Fixing a Rounded Low Back in the Deadlift, a common technical flaw during the deadlift, and how to fix it. Check it out