Article recommendations week #10 2018

The most valuable and interesting articles in week #10 2018

Strength Training Articles

Stack explained How to Use ‘Giant Sets’ for Massive Results Inside the Weight Room defining what giant sets are, the benefits of giant sets and example giant sets you could use in your training.

Breaking Muscle outlined

  • why Physical Health Is Mental Health in the past (and in the present) the relation between mental strength and physical strength has been discussed as a unilateral relation, specifically, that the mind controls the body. As a matter of fact, it is actually a bilateral relation, which means a physical strength affects mental strength. We can see this in sport all the time, the one who knows he is physically strong and can last longer, jump higher, run faster whatever it might be, has a higher level of confidence due to his physical superiority.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Seeing Results In The Gym from consistency over in-effective program design to motivation and discipline, and ultimately wasting time.

Power Athlete HQ released PA Radio – Episode 249: Dr. Bryan Mann an interesting talk on velocity-based training, injury prevention, and injury prediction, and much more… Listen in

YLM Sports Science compared the adaptations of different resistance training methods in a very visual infographic in the article The Importance Of Muscular Strength: Resistance Training Methods.

Tony Gentilcore outlined what training volume is, how to increase training volume and individual considerations in the article Programming Considerations: Training Volume

T-Nation shared listed 5 Hard Truths You Need To Hear About The Bench Press why the Bench Press is not as important as most people treat it.

Simplifaster discussed

Complementary Training followed up on the fundamentals of strength training planning discussing testing / re-testing the 1RM, adjusting 1RM and adjusting training intensities for the following cycle in the article Strength Training: Planning the Training Block – Part 4 If you missed the previous parts of this article series, check out part 1, part 2 and part 3.

The Barbell Physio outlined the importance of Shoulder Extension Mobility Drills and provided a few example mobility exercises you can do.

The 42 shared in very simple outline to achieve your goals for everyday training people using planning and periodization principles for goal setting and a Fundamental Movement based approach for the strength training design to achieve your training goals in the article Micro, Meso, Macro! A guide to setting fitness goals and actually hitting them.

The Bar Bend explained

Elite FTS discussed The Role of Individual Differences in Programming by looking at the different variables, such as Size, Strength levels, Training age, Fiber type ratio,
proximity to genetic potential and much more.

The Barbell Shrugged Podcast discussed Optimizing Performance with Renaissance Periodization Founder Mike Israetel, touching on Dr. Israetel’s favourite topic, balancing training and recovery to maximise adaptation with various applied examples. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Elite Track asked Is there a skill in strength training? A lesson learned from some of the strongest athletes in track and field: throwers why it is important to learn fundamental movement skills before the young athlete hits PHV (peak height velocity) and the transfer of fundamental movement skills to sport-specific performance.

Simplifaster shared The Posterior Chain: A Modern Approach and Perspective how to develop the posterior chain through teaching progressions in young athletes.

Nutrition Articles

YLM Sports Science listed the most relevant Dietary Supplements For Health, Adaptation Ahletes And Recovery In Athletes another great infographic.

Elite FTS discussed Dan Green’s Current Nutrition Strategy, from the distribution of macro-nutrients, total calorie intake, food choices and favourite meals to lose weight with maximizing strength. Check it out shared

  • How To Find Your Perfect Diet Plan by outlining your goals first and find a diet that works for you.
  • Your No-BS Approach To Flexible Dieting 5 important points for your diet success.
  • 3 Myths About High-Protein Diets Debunked with Jose Antonio, PhD, I have seen Dr. Antonio present, and I had the chance to pick his brain once, this guy knows his stuff! Check out the video

For more information, check out the podcast with Dr. Antonio

Picture Fit discussed Does Soy Lower Testosterone? elaborating, whether recent claims of soy protein lowering testosterone by looking at the recent studies, as well as recommendations, which soy protein to chose. Check it out

Power Training Articles

Boxing News Online shared Explosive training for boxing outlining the differences between power training and strength training, how to use the different power training zones and how to apply velocity-based training for boxers.

Olympic Lifting Articles 

Train Heroic listed 68 Assistance Exercises for Olympic Weightlifting from specific to unspecific exercises.

The Bar Bend shared Clean and Jerk – Technique and Muscles Worked what the Clean & Jerk is, muscular activation, the technical phases and different variations and assistance exercises to train and improve the Clean & Jerk, as lots of video tutorials.

Juggernaut Training Systems released Scientific Principles of Weightlifting Overload, what the Overload principle is, which parameters you can overload (reps, sets, load, distance, etc), how to overload through the different training phases and outlining what is enough volume and what is too much volume and the associated risks of too much overload. Check it out

Squat Articles 

Catalystathletics discussed a common flaw of shooting the hips backward in the squat and / or Clean, what the reasons are and how to solve it in the article Ask Greg: Hips Shooting Back in Squats & Cleans

Stack shared The Split Squat: How to Master This Powerful Lower-Body Exercise how to do the Split Squat, as well as progressions and regressions.

T-Nation shared a Tip: This Exercise Beats Squats for Glute Gains why you should do heavy Bulgarian Split Squats. Check out Double Olympian Twan van Gendt demonstrating what a heavy Bulgarian Split Squat looks like, 210 kg! (and me coaching in Jeans, not sure what happened on that day?!?)

Deadlift Articles

Elite FTS shared The Posterior Chain Overhead Deadlift if this title doesn’t make you curious… It definitely made me curious how that exercise would be performed. Check out the video

Highlights of the Week

After already successful results at the World Championships Track Cycling 2018, which I shared in last week’s article recommendation, one of my athletes Jeffrey Hoogland finished the tournament with a new world record on sea level in the 1 km time trial, and a well deserved World Championship title.

Check out this brutal full out effort. Watch it to the end to understand what I mean.