Article recommendations week #10 2017

We have searched the web for the most valuable and interesting articles of week #10 2017

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation offered a Tip: Is Your Phone Wrecking Your Workout? presenting interesting findings on the use of phones and listening to music during training.

Stack advised Perform These Lifts to Improve Your Lateral Quickness and Agility explaining the application of strength training for improved agility and quickness.

Dr. John Rusin discusses How To Build Muscle & Strength In Any Rep Range an in-depth discussion of different rep ranges and the resulting adaptations. explained why you should Stop Maxing Out! Lift This Way Instead claiming to have dedicated maxing moments in the year and the rest of the time you should follow a program that varies repetitions and intensities, depending on the training goal.

Elite FTS outlined Three Hypertrophy Waves to Use If You’re Stuck on Progressive Overload a really good application of the overload principle showcased on different examples.

California Strength shared Mobility For Athletes: Hip Opening Adductor Stretch outlining a good stretch to open up the hip, check it out


Power Training Articles

T-Nation offered a Tip: Snatch Jump for Power a good exercise variation for Power Development, ideally done with loads of 20 – 50% 1RM of the Snatch, as it is a ballistic effort. For more information on Power Training check out

Check out the Snatch Jump video


Plyometric Training Articles

Train Heroic discussed Will Eccentrics and Plyometrics Improve Tendon Stiffness? Here’s What The New Research Is Telling Us concluding interestingly, that strength training leads to greater adaptations of tendon stiffness than Plyometric Training.

Mens XP gave an overview of What Are Jump Squats And How To Do Them and how to train them. Check out also one of our guys Roy van den Berg performing Jump Squats


Complementary Training shared Plyometric Progression with Coach Wilmot | Part 5 this time they apply contrast training to elicit PAP (post activation potentiation), check out the video

If you missed part 1, check out here

If you missed part 2, check out here

If you missed part 3, check it out here

If you missed part 4, check it out here


Deadlift Articles 

Meghan Callaway explained There Is No Written Rule That You MUST Deadlift From The Floor. Here is A Fantastic Variation That Will Help Strengthen And Build Your Backside demonstrating a good Deadlift variation and a great outline of Deadlift coaching tips and coaching cues. Check out the video


Back Squat, Front Squat, and Overhead Squat Articles 

T-Nation discussed the right squat position depending on your body type in the article Tip: Squats and Body Types, check ou the video

Tony Gentilcore explained Why you should Squat Like A Girl an interesting analogy to explain the proper squat technique.

The Actionhub offered 5 Alternatives to the Traditional Squat some valuable alternatives under certain conditions.

Men’s Fitness discussed High-bar squats vs. low-bar squats: What’s the difference? offering a few good tips, when to use the high-bar Back Squat and when to use the low-bar Back Squat.

Stronger By Science looks at the squat stance and different muscular activation with different squat stances Are Close Stance Squats Really More Quad-Dominant?

Juggernaut Training Systems explains how to Improving The Overhead Squat Movement, a solid and in-depth tutorial, check it out


Power Clean, Power Snatch, and Olympic Lifting Articles

Strengthcoach Mike Boyle discussed Dumbbell Snatch Standards? in a Q & A where they discuss the strength to bodyweight percentage of a Clean, Snatch and Dumbbell Snatch.

California Strength outlined Setting Goals For Your Next Weightlifting Competition an interesting approach of using goals for different categories.

Highlight of the week

We had a few more and impressive PB’s last week

Check out some impressions.

BMX rider from the national development team Koen van der Wijst Cleaning 145 kg

and a new 180 kg Back Squat PB

BMX rider from the national development team Justin Kimman Cleaning 145 kg

Back Squatting 170 kg

and Snatching 92.5 kg

BMX Junior World Champion 2016 Ruby Huisman Back Squatting 100 kg

and Overhead Squatting 75 kg



Also, check out the PB’s from the week before