Article recommendations week #8 2021

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #8 2021.

Strength Training Articles

The Bar end listed The 8 Best Barbell Exercises For Mass, Strength, And Power, the best exercises, the benefits of each exercise, and how to perform them. outlined The New Science Of Size And Strength, a study looking at combining both training goals, size, and strength, into one training program.

Stronger By Science asked How Does Training Frequency Affect Training Volume? Discussing session volume, training frequency and how does it affect your training results. Listen in

Breaking Muscle released Train Hard, Recover Harder, the role of stress in the training process, and how to manage stress for optimal results.

Starting Strength discussed “Core” Stability “Training”, what the ‘core’ is, the importance of the ‘core’, and how to best train it. Listen in

T-Nation shared a Tip: Nordic Regressions That’ll Still Kill You, ho

Calisthenicmovement listed 22 Chest Exercises Ranked From Worst To Best!. Check it out

T-Nation shared a Tip: Nordic Regressions That’ll Still Kill You, how to regress one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises.

Jeff Nippard shared

  • Perfect Posture Videos Are Not Good and busting 4 myths around posture. Check it out
  • The Truth About Posture & Pain, an interview with Dr. Sam Spinelli, discussing topics around good and bad posture, posture and pain, and how to correct posture. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems demonstrated the Slingshot Bench-How, Why & When, the purpose of the exercise, how to do it, and when to use it. Check it out

Tony Bonvecchio listed 6 Thoughts on Training Older Lifters, considerations on training the aging lifter.

Elite FTS listed 4 Lunge Variations You Should Be Doing For Strength & Mobility, 4 different Split Squat variations, the benefits of each variation and the technical execution. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • The Three Types of Fitness Goals, discussing process goals, performance goals, and outcome goals and how they relate to your training. Check it out
  • Higher Frequency Training is Always Better, the benefits of higher frequency training, the drawbacks, and best practices. Check it out
  • How To Prioritize Specific Lifts, why you need to prioritize, and a 6-step approach to bring your lifts up. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Elisabeth Oehler discussed Youth Strength and Conditioning Concepts.

Nutrition Articles

Stack explained the importance of  Electrolytes For Youth Athletes, why electrolytes matter, how to replenish electrolytes, and how to pick the right sports drink.

Jeremy Ethier shared The Perfect Breakfast Ideas To Get Shredded, quick and healthy recipes, and discussing training interventions to get shredded. Check it out.

Plyometric Training Articles

MRT listed 10 Best Plyo Box, the best plyo boxes and their pros and cons.

The Bar Bend outlined The 8 Best Plyometric Exercises To Power-Up Your Training, describing the best exercises, its’ benefits, and how to execute them.

Stack described Five Great Medicine Ball Exercises for Shot Putters, different exercises, and why you should do them.

YLM Sports Science discussed the Effects Of Vertically And Horizontally Orientated Plyometric Training On Physical Performance. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalyst Athletics explained Fix Press-outs in the Snatch & Jerk, the possible reasons, and how to fix it. Check it out

Zack Telander outlined How to Clean More Than You Power Clean, possible reasons why you can’t do a full Clean, and progressions how to get there. Check it out

Starting Strength explained Learning the Squat Clean, progressions to learn the full Clean. Check it out

Squat Articles

The Box Rox outlined Overhead Squat Workouts to Build Strength and Destroy Weaknesses, different Overhead Squat workouts, and how to execute them.

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation discussed the benefits of the Split Stance Deadlift in the article Tip: The Hybrid Deadlift.