Article recommendations week #53 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #53 2020.

Strength Training Articles outlined 5 Musts to Build Unreal Strength This Year, simple and straightforward advice to follow.

Stack listed

BoxRox shared 10 AMRAP Chest Workouts for CrossFit Athletes, different training programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes, and how to do them.

Self explained How to Do Lunges Correctly, what Lunges are, the benefits of Lunges, how to do them, and different Lunge variations.

Cnet presented Best fitness trackers for 2021, the best trackers reviewed and which one is best for you.

The PTDC outlined How to Simplify Your Online Business in 2021, how to simplify in a way that serves you, define your USP (unique selling point), how to program for a specific target audience, building and then fine-tuning your programs, and streamlining your marketing to just one channel. Check it out

The BarBend demonstrated

Runners World outlined the influence of strength training on sleep quality in the article Here’s How Strength Training Can Improve Your Sleep Quality.

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • How Long Should You Rest Between Sets? Discussing the considerations for interserial rest periods. Check it out
  • 10 Tips for Online Coaches, essential tips from the right soft skills, over online content creation, to get success online for the trainee, as well as the trainer. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

T-Nation discussed is muscle growth possible when following the keto diet in the article Tip: Muscle Growth During Keto.

Renaissance Periodization shared another nutrition myth – The Best Diet, the claims of one best diet, why there’s no such thing as a best diet, and what are best practices. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack asked Is There a Difference Between a Depth and Drop Jump? Discussing the differences between the two jumps. Some people call them also Counter-movement Drop Jump (Depth Jump) and Bounce Drop Jump (Drop Jump).

Olympic Lifting Articles

Stack explained How To Do A Kettlebell Snatch, the technical key point, common mistakes and how to fix them, and how to integrate it into your training.

Squat Articles

T-Nation asked Are Back Squats Overrated? And alternatives if the Back Squat doesn’t work for you.

Generation Iron discussed High Bar Vs. Low Bar Squat: Which One Is More Effective For Training? What High-bar and Low-bar Squats are, how the execute them, the benefits of each variation, and which one is best for you.

Squat University showed

  • how to fix shoulder pain in the Overhead Squat, the reasons for pain, how to assess it, and how to fix it.
  • How To Evaluate Knee Pain, and how to distinguish between tendonitis or patellofemoral pain. Check it out