Article recommendations week #52 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #52 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power listed 10 Commandments of Building Muscle Mass, from training interventions, over nutrition, supplements and rest, to the right mindset for gainz.

Thibarmy listed 5 Best Ways To Boost Your Bench Press, a short dive into the history of strength training and when Bench Presses became popular, followed up by straightforward advice to improve your Bench Press numbers. Check it out

Elite FTS released

  • Specialty Bars and Sports Programming, discussing the use of specialty bars in sports training.
  • Maximum Intensity Bench Lockout Training, how to get past sticking points in the Bench Press lockout. Check it out

FitnessFAQs discussed the differences between Calisthenics Vs Bodybuilding, the challenges of  Calisthenics workouts, when it comes to the lower body, the value of machine exercises, and how to isolate quads, hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Check it out

The Bar Bend reviewed the 2020 Olympia Event, giving a short recap of the different divisions. Check it out

Stack discussed the elements of off-ice conditioning for ice hockey players in the article Introducing Youth to Off-Ice Hockey Training.

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • How Heavy Should You Lift? What is the right training intensity to become stronger, the pros and cons of near-maximum intensity training. Check it out
  • 10 Tips for Personal Trainers, essential tips from the right soft skills, over important training interventions to tracking and providing frequent feedback. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Starting Strength asked Can Children Do The Program? When children are ready to start a structured strength training program (according to Starting Strength). Check it out

Nutrition Articles

The Greatist asked Will Drinking Coffee Wreck My Intermittent Fast? Does coffee influence the IF (intermittent fast) and possible alternatives to coffee.

T-Nation shared practical and effective nutrition tips in the article 15 Quick Tips For Short Attention Spans.

Renaissance Periodization shared Dirty Bulking, the claims of dirty bulking, does it really work, and best practices. Check it out

Jeremy Ethier discussed How To Pick The Best Protein Powder, the differences between various protein powders, what protein powder you need for your training goals, and possible traps you can fall into. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics outlined the Snatch Turnover Speed, the reasons for a slow turnover, the importance of sufficient speed in the turnover and how to execute the Snatch turnover. Check it out

Squat Articles

T-Nation shared The Squat: One Barbell, No Weak Points, outlining simple accessory exercises to address the most common sticking points.

Starting Strength asked Elbows Up During Squat? Outlining how to find the right grip and how that influences the elbow position during the Back Squat. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Squat University discussed Deadlift Hip Impingement, how to evaluate it, and possible fixes. Check it out