Article recommendations week #51 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #51 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Health explained How I Built My Body: Roger Gracie, the training regimen of one of the most successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters.

Valuetainment discussed Ronnie Colemans Strength Compared to Power Lifters, an interesting chat how Ronnie Coleman sees his potential strength levels for powerlifting. Check it out listed Mat Fraser’s Top 5 Training Mistakes to Avoid, the importance of sleep, movement patterns, patience, understanding training volume and warm-up. shared a guide on how to break through Bench Press plateaus by listing 9 Tips To Break Through A Bench Press Plateau.

Breaking Muscle released Cluster Training: How To Use It To Build Muscle And Strength, what they are, the benefits of Cluster Sets, and the different forms of Cluster sets. We use Cluster Sets in certain periods of our training, check out this example of Olympic finalist 2016 Niek Kimmann performing a Cluster Set of combining a Hang Power Clean and Power Clean.

Livestrong described how to find the right cardio machine for your training goals and individual preferences in the article Your Ultimate Guide to Every Cardio Machine at Your Gym.

Robertson Training Systems discussed The Evolution Of Continuing Education, what continuing education and why it matters, why different forms of continuing education, and which one to chose as a coach, and much more. Listen in

T-Nation shared

Club Industry released the current strength training trends in the article The World of Strength Training Continues to Evolve, I hope these trends are true.

The Bar Bend shared

Stack outlined

Starting Strength described the Press Grip and Elbow Position, a straight-forward outline of hand position, grip and elbow position for a successful pushing or pressing movement. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Elite FTS outlined the Dangers of Supplements, which supplemenets you have to take with care and why. Check it out

The Bar Bend discussed

  • the Nutrition Strategy of World Champion Katherine Nye,  discussing food choices, macro nutrient distribution, nutrient timing, aligning nutrition with training, nutrient tracking and the most important supplements. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics explained

  • why you need to Turn the Back Heel Out in the Split Jerk, how you need to align the heel for better stability in the catch phase of the Jerk. Check it out
  • How Should Loading Progress in a Training Cycle? Q&A with Greg Everett, an overview how intensity and volume changes throughout the cycle, cycle structure, and the appropriate exercises for each training cycle. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared Episode #8: : The final PR session in Snatch, how to approach a PR session, from warm-up to exercises progressions, and some individual coaching cues. Check it out

Squat Articles

The Bar Bend explained how to execute the Front Foot Elevated Zercher Split Squat, the common mistakes and how to fix them in the article Front Foot Elevated Zercher Split Squats Are the Ultimate Leg Pump. Check out the additional explainer video

Fitness Volt shared The Complete Guide To Bulgarian Split Squats, the technical execution, the muscular activation, the benefits, and different variations of the Bulgarian Split Squats. We use the Bulgarian Split Squat extensively, check out double Olympian Twan van Gendt performing a Bulgarian Split Squat with 220 kg

Elite FTS showed some training footage of the Train Your Ass Off with Dave Tate: The Squat series, some interesting individual cues for the lifters. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend discussed Deadlift Grip Width | How to Find What’s Ideal for Your Build, an outline of the right grip with depending on the Deadlift variation, and how to find your individual Deadlift grip width.

Stack explained Why You Should Ditch Your Alternate Grip Deadlift, the disadvantages of the alternate grip (if you aren’t a Powerlifter) and what to do instead.