Article recommendations week #51 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #51 2022.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation outlined the benefits of contrast training in the article Go Heavy, Explode, Go Home: The Contrast Method. Also, check out the additional explainer video

YLM Sports Science discussed Training To Lose Fat High-Intensity: Interval Training Or Sprint Interval Training? check it out

Breaking Muscle outlined

Stack looked at Sports Scientist: Who Are They and What Do They Do? What a sport scientist is and how they can help.

The Strength Sensei discussed

Lift Big Eat Big asked the question we have heard for so long in the last years, Is Glute Activation Necessary? And why it might not be necessary.

The Bar Bend released Your Complete Guide To Bodyweight Training, what bodyweight training is, its benefits and drawbacks and how to use it for best results. discussed

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Nutrition Articles suggested

The Bar Bend asked What Happens If You Don’t Eat Vegetables? The risks and benefits to weigh up.

Power Training Articles discussed Training for Power: Do I Need it and How Should I Add it to My Routine?

Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy discussed Olympic Weightlifting Benefits: Did You Know Them All?

Lift Big Eat Big shared Drop Snatch, what it is, what it does, how to perform it, and different variations.

Squat Articles

The Barbell Physio shared a tutorial of the Spanish Squat. Check it out

  • what most people don’t know, in Spain they actually call it a squat with the ‘russian belt’ (cinturon ruso), which was introduced, by the german coach Hans Ruf, who brought it from Russia…