Article recommendations week #50 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #50 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Broscience listed Best Bodybuilding Books in 2020 – Top 10 Books To Read, an interesting list including some classical books, and what you can expect from each book. elaborated What Does It Take to Be a Powerlifter with World Record Holder Robb Philippus, interesting to watch and listen. Check it out

Fitness Volt outlined

Breaking Muscle shared Creating A Long-Term Training Plan And Macrocycles, regardless of your training goal, a long-term plan is vital. This article gives an overview how such a plan could look like.

Squat University The Key to Strong & Healthy Shoulders, different turkish get-up variations and how they can help your shoulder health. Check it out

Elite FTS explained

YLM Sports Science revealed interesting findings on constant pace vs fast start and decreasing pace in HIIT. Check out the infographic

The Athletic Build listed 6 Fundamental Exercises for Athletes, the importance of fundamental movements, and the right exercise selection to target the individual fundamental movements.

Catalystathletics discused the topic of the Neutral Spine or Pervert Hips? Neutral is Not Straight! The topic of a neutral sine has been popularized in the last years and often led to the confusion that neutral means straight, this video does a good job at outlining what neutral is and what it’s not. Check it out

T-Nation shared

FitnessFAQs released Hidden Calisthenics Strength, bodyweight movements and bodyweight movement progressions to increase shoulder strength. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared 3 Great Ways to Improve Your Shoulder Mobility (Not Stability), the difference between mobility and stability, the movements of the shoulder, the importance of shoulder mobility, how to assessit and how to train and improve it.

Live Strong listed 5 Exercises for a Stronger Core That You Didn’t Realize Work Your Abs, compound exercises that work the muscles of the trunk heavily.

Starting Strength discussed the Shortfalls in the Traditional Physical Therapy Approach. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack published An Open Letter to Youth Athletes, what youth athletes should prioritize and why.

Speed Training Articles

Stack outlined My Favorite Speed Drills for Soccer Players, from warming up for speed, mobility considerations over a selection of drills, to putting the pieces together.

Power Training Articles

Breaking Muscle released The Benefits Of Working On Your Explosive Power, what explosive power is, why it matters, and power training movements to add to your training.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics discused Avoiding Burnout in Olympic Weightlifting, how to plan your weeks and overall training to avoid burnout, reduce niggles and increase mental recovery. Check it out

Squat Articles

Life Hacker outlined How to Do Front Squats Without Hurting Your Wrists, how to address a common problem during the Front Squat, also check out the article What is a Front Squat that offers further alternatives to hold the bar.

Stack showed The Unconventional Squat Variation That Powers Up App. State Football, it is a bit unconventional, check it out in the video and read the rational in the article.

Shrugged Collective showed The Best Squat Program for Massive Legs and Thick Core – Back Squat 315 x 20 – 20 Rep Back Squat. The 20 rep program is around for many years, here they show one variation of it and how to execute it. Check it out