Article recommendations week #50 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #50 2022.

Strength Training Articles

Broscience listed the Top 5 Most Dangerous Lifts You Can Do In The Gym, I’m not sure, whether the exercises per see are dangerous, or whether it’s an incorrect execution of each exercise.

T-Nation outlined

  • 5 considerations to maximize your arm training in the article Arm Training Perfected.
  • Advanced Core Training. Check them out

Lift Big Eat Big asked Do Lunges Work Glutes? Which Lunge variation to choose to target your glutes.

Robertson Training Systems presented How To Layout A Weekly Basketball Off-Season. Check it out

The Strength Sensei discussed the pros and cons of Lat Pulldowns.

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Nutrition Articles

Bach Performance listed 7 Muscle-Building Supplements That Actually Work, which supplements work, and why.

Broscience asked

Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy compared Clean and Jerk vs Clean and Press: Difference Explained, the difference between the two, and which one to choose.

Squat Articles

Stack compared Front Squat vs. Back Squat: What’s the Better Choice for Athletes? Which one to choose for which training goal.