Article recommendations week #49 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #49 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Picture Fit showed that Cold Baths are Killing Your Gains! Looking at a recent study on the effective of cold water immersion on muscle growth. Check it out

Fitness Volt discussed

Breaking Muscle demosntrated how to Bulletproof Your Knees And Shoulders, a variety of exercises to protect your knees and shoulders.

The Bar Bend shared released Ryan Lochte Opens Up About Life at Home with Two Kids — and Admits He Struggles to Balance It All, an interesting read on the challenges of an elite athlete.

Elite FTS described How to Incorporate Strongman Events into Your Training, the set-up of a session and the rationale for it. Check it out

Power Athlete HQ outlined Battle The Bullshit: Training Overhead With Throwing Athletes – Part 1, a common debate is to avoid overhead training with throwing athletes, this article takes a nuanced look at this topic.

Ted X explained How “normal people” can train like the worlds best endurance athletes with Stephen Seiler, how to plan and execute your endurance training for best results. Check it out

Stronger By Science discussed High Protein Diets, Hardgainers, Exercise Variety, and Bone Adaptations, however the chat goes deeper, than the title outlines, they also discuss changing exercises yes or no, machines vs free weights, and how to get started with academic research. Listen in

T-Nation shared

Men’s Health took a critical look at the use and benefits of ice bath in the article Cold Water Poured Over Effectiveness Of Ice Baths.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack asked The Sedentary Youth Athlete: Is Your Child Moving Enough? Discussing the trend that kids move less and what to do against it.

Nutrition Articles

Elite FTS shared The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Muscle-Building Diet, an in-depth guide on nutrition.

Fitness & Power discussed How to Lose Water Weight, how to reduce water retention by manipulating salt intake and hydration.

Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend listed 7 Team USA Weightlifters Share Their Favorite Accessory Exercises, interesting exercise choices, I do like Dimas favourite pick.

Catalystathletics discused

  • Wrist Mobility / Flexibility for Olympic Weightlifting, how to assess whether you lack it and what to do to improve it. Check it out
  • Training After Weightlifting Competition, a common sense approach, not only applicable for Olympic Weightlifting. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy outlined a guide to Training For Beginners, exercise selection, exercise progressions, and food and lifestyle choices.

Squat Articles

Breaking Muscle explained How To Enter The Flow State With Squats how to apply the principles of motor learning to learn and master the squat.

T-Nation shared a

Dr. John Rusin asked Bulgarian Split Squats: A Superior Alternative To Barbell Bach Squats? A comparison of the two exercises and the individual benfits they offer.

YLM Sports Science compared Back Squat, RDL and Hip Thrust and the different muscular activation of each exercise variation.

Deadlift Articles

Starting Strength outlined A Quick Tip on Loading Your Deadlift Bar, simple yet effective. Check it out

Shrugged Collective explained how to get Massive Deadlifts – Add These for Stronger Pulls by adding pin pulls to the training based on your individual sticking point. Check it out