Article recommendations week #49 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #49 2022.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation presented The Most Effective Arm Workout You’ll Ever Do, discussing the Descending Eccentric Protocol. Also check out the additional explainer video

The Strength Sensei explained how to structure Warm-up Sets.

Thibarmy released Complexes For Every Goal, outlining different complexes for different training goals.

YLM Sport Science presented Risk Factors For Quadriceps Muscle Strain Injuries In Sport.

Stack listed 4 Exercises to Improve Hip Mobility, what mobility is, why you need it, and how to improve your hip mobility.

Power Athlete discussed why Conjugate x Conditioning = Awesome. Check it out

Breaking Muscle outlined How to Do the Turkish Get-Up for Total-Body Strength and Conditioning, discussing how to do the Turkish Get-Up, typical mistakes and how to fix them, benefits, muscular activation, programming considerations, and variations.

Bonvec Strength listed 3 Ways to Plan Out Your Accessory Work, looking at different options to manipulate reps, sets, and proximity to failure.

Robertson Training Systems described Exercise Progression Across Blocks. Check it out

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Nutrition Articles

Broscience asked

Squat Articles

T-Nation discussed Training Methods On Trial: Breathing Squats, what they are, what they supposedly do, and what’s behind the claims.

The Strength Sensei  proposed to Try the “Lift the Toes” Tip During Squats, a tip to stay centered.