Article recommendations week #48 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #48 2020.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Banded Curl The Right Way And The Wrong Way, the subtle differences that can make a big difference.

Renaissance Periodization asked Should You Increase Your Ability to Train More?  What training more means, the two factors that influence your ability to train more, and does the ability to train more affect gaining muscle mass. Check it out

BoxRox outlined

Starting Strength explained Don’t Beat Yourself Up With Volume, and how the older lifter needs to train. Check it out

Stack outlined

FitnessFAQs discussed How to Increase Pull-Up Reps, an exercise progression to achieve more Pull-Ups reps. Check it out

The Fitness Volt shared

Elite FTS listed 3 Conditioning Methods to Use With Conjugate, outlining compatible training factors for the conjugate method, and how to apply them. described How to Create a Lifelong Physical Training Program, the importance of a lifelong physical training program, and the most important considerations for adhering to a training program.

Breaking Muscle released

  • The Trainer Who Trains the Trainers, discussing the underlying thought processes when helping someone to gain muscle mass. and how to put these thought processes into action. Check it out
  • How To Build A Brand In The Fitness Industry, an interesting chat on juggling coaching, content creation, social media and normal life responsibilities. Check it out

Nutrition Articles listed 4 Keys to Supporting Gut Health, gut health has received a lot of attention in the last years. This article outlines the importance of gut health, and how to keep the gut healthy.

Stack explained the Importance of Nutrition and Aging, the role of anti-oxidants in the aging process, and where you can get anti-oxidants directly from your nutrition.

Renaissance Periodization described Calories and Macros for Fat Loss, discussing why calories matter,, how to chose calories, macronutrient and macronutrient distribution. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Breaking Muscle discussed different variations of the Medicine Ball Clean in the article The Barbell Squat And Deadlift Alternative. Check out the different Med Ball Clean variations

  • The Medicine Ball Clean
  • Medicine Ball Full Clean
  • Variations on Medicine Ball Clean

Catalyst Athletics explained the subtle differences between Leg Drive vs. Extension, and the implications for the Olympic Lifts. Check it out

Squat Articles

BoxRox explained how to build strength and power with different programs in the article 9 Power, Strength and Muscle Building Front Squat Workouts for CrossFit Athletes. not only for Crossfitters.

Women’s Health Mag discussed the differences between Leg Press Vs. Squat: Which Exercise Is Better? The differences between the two exercises and the pros and cons.