Article recommendations week #47 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #47 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Box Rox outlined How to Build Muscle – Combined vs Isolated Exercises Training Program, what is the difference between the 2, how to integrate them into your training and sample workouts.

Fitness Volt shared

TD Athlete Edge listed 5 Silly Fitness Myths Busted! From lifting weights and bulking over harmful exercises to cardio and fat loss.

T-Nation shared a Tip: How to Test & Improve Overhead Flexibility, the importance of Overhead Flexibility, how to assess it, and how to correct it.

Stack explained

The Bar Bend shared

  • Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum: What We Get Wrong About Pain, the latest research on pain science and its’ application to training. Listen in

  • their recommended shoes for different purposes, squatting, jumping, different gender, cross training workouts, and more. Check it out

Breaking Muscle explained

Brute Strength listed Daily Habits to improve recovery, what you can do before, while and after training to recover faster. Check it out

Life Hacker gave a simple rundown of the most common and popular training bars in the article All The Different Bars At The Gym, Explained.

Picture Fit explained

  • How To Get Rid of Muscle Soreness, a recent study to reduce to decrease soreness after training. Check it out

The PTDC discussed How to Deal with a Negative Personal Training Client, not only for PT’s but a worthwhile read for everyone who coaches.

Elite FTS asked

Strength Sensei described the Practical Application of the Strength Deficit, what the strength deficit is, what it means, and how to apply the results to your training.

Youth Strength Training Articles

CP News Today shared an interestion study how Resistance Training Improves Strength, Motor Function of Children with CP, Analysis Concludes.

Nutrition Articles

The Athletic Build listed 5 Nutrition Rules for Healthy Living: Dietary Guidelines, food choices, macro nutrients, and hydration considerations.

Starting Strength outlined Carbs, Why They’re Not Evil, and Why They’re Important for Training, what carbs are, the different forms of carbs, their function in the body, and why you need them. Check it out

Power & Fitness explained a simple, but effective tactics if you want to gain muscle mass in the article A Pre-Sleep Protein Shake Can Unlock Even More Muscle Growth, According to Scientists.

Men’s Health revealed why the term superfood is misleading in the article This List of 2020’s Top 10 Superfoods Is Completely Ridiculous.

Picture Fit explained how plate sizes influence weight loss. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization discussed Best Fat Loss Rates, the differences between fast fat loss approach, loss fat loss approach, a moderate approach and the pro’s and con’s of each approach, and the different approaches in numbers. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Shrugged Collective outlined

  • How To: Snatch Below The Knee – A Better Second Pull, how the start from the hang below the knee can help to improve the full Snatch movement. Check it out
  • How to improve Speed Under the Barbell in the Snatch – Power Snatch + Snatch Balance x 3, an exercise combination to improve the turnover. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared an interview with Ritvars Suharevs, a young up and coming weightlifter’s story how he got into the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Catalystathletics discussed

  • Should You Use a Dynamic Start in the Snatch & Clean? The difference between a dynamic and a static start, the potential benefits of a dynamic start, who should use a dynamic start, and who should not use it. Check it out
  • a Quick Shoulder Stability Prehab for Olympic Weightlifting, how to combine multiple movements into one shoulder prehab drill. Check it out