Article recommendations week #47 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #47 2020.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared a

BoxRox listed 10 Vital Exercises for CrossFit Newbies to Learn Properly, the basic exercises for Crossfitters, but also applicable for every seriously training person.

FC Barcelona discussed how the sport of the future could look like in the article Sports Tomorrow.

Starting Strength explained why the RPE Is Useless, I personally don’t think the RPE is useless, however, the video outlines well how the RPE can be misapplied. Check it out

With virtual events increasing the Bar Bend explained What Virtual Fitness Can’t Replace In Coaching And Strength.

Elite FTS discussed

  • Training To Failure in Powerlifting, should you train to failure and what to consider. Check it out
  • Training While Dieting, what to consider when dieting, how to time the macro-nutrients, and the balancing act of recovery while dieting. Check it out

Fightmag demonstrated how to sequence exercises in the article Resistance Training – 6 steps to order exercises.

FitnessFAQs listed the Top 3 Push-Ups Everyone Needs, how to learn the 1-arm push-up, the pseudo planch push-up, and the pike push-up. Check it out

The PTDC outlined

  • How to Deal with a Negative Client, not only applicable to personal training. Check it out
  • How to Get Started In Online Training in 2021, the current climate forcing trainers to go online, the first steps to getting started in online training, bootstrapping a PT business, why the low-end membership model is usually a bad idea, and setting up an application process. Check it out

LifeHacker explained What’s the Difference Between a Strict Press and a Push Press, the difference between the two lifts, and what each lift is good for.

Thibarmy discussed

  • Pendulum Training, what it is, and how to apply it.
  • What are the best exercises for a bigger chest? Discussing the best exercises, considerations for exercise selection, rep ranges per exercise, anthropometry, and different training strategies. Check it out

Stack shared

Renaissance Periodization asked How Long Should My Workouts Be? The cut-off criteria for different trainings, such as strength, hypertrophy, cardio and sports training. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack explained why you need to Teach Young Athletes to Set Goals, the importance of goal setting and a 6-step approach to goal setting for youth athletes.

Nutrition Articles

Renaissance Periodization described Basic Principles for Fat Loss, mechanisms of fat loss, benefits and tradeoffs, timelines, and different nutritional approaches. Check it out

Agility Training Articles

Stack disclosed The Missing Link in Your Agility Training, the importance of maximum strength and power on agility performance and how to best train it.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Squat Jerk Journalist released some interesting impressions of the Vertical Jump testing – Feat. LU Xiaojun, SHI Zhiyong, Li Fabin. Check it out

Health & Fitness explained How to Increase the Speed in Snatch and Clean & Jerk, the importance of speed during the Olympic lifts and which exercises to chose to increase the speed in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Garage Strength shared Lessons From Pyrros Dimas | 5 Tips Every Athlete Should Learn, lessons learned from one of the greatest Olympic weightlifters of all times. Check it out

Zack Telander discussed the reasons why some people Power Snatch more than they full Snatch. Check it out

Squat Articles

Tony Gentilcore explained How To Effectively Screen The Squat, what screening is, the difficulties of predictions based on screening, and how to effectively screen the squat.

Fitness Volt released an in-depth guide of the Smolov Squat program in the article Enhancing Squat Performance With The Smolov Squat Program.

Elite FTS outlined How I Teach the Squat, a bottom-up approach to learn the Squat.

Deadlift Articles

Men’s Health listed 3 considerations to determine Deadlift frequency in the article How Often You Should Do Deadlifts.

Barbell Medicine explained How-To Warm-Up For Deadlifts, load, and movement progressions for an effective Deadlift workout. Check it out