Article recommendations week #46 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #46 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Fitness Volt explained Best Way to Build Muscle and Strength: The 5×5 CrossFit Program, what the 5 * 5 program is, how to execute it, and example training programs.

Elite FTS shared

Runner’s World asked What Is Metabolic Conditioning and Why Should I Add It to My Training? What metabolic conditioning is, the benefits, and an example program.

Fitness FAQ demonstrated How to Build a Thick Back by adding accommodating resistance to the row. Check it out

The Box Rox took a look at a few different popular training programs

Stack listed 5 External Cues That Elicit Great Exercise Form (And Why They Work So Well), what external cues are, why they work, and example external cues for selected exercises.

Shredded Sports Science claimed that Great Athletes Sell Garbage, how some supplements are marketed and sold. Check it out

Breaking Muscle outlined

Aleksey Torokhtiy discussed the importance of Psychological Preparation, what it is, why it matters and how to train and improve it.

Body image in sports is an issue amongst athltes this article Olympic Gold Medalist Michelle Carter Knows That Athletes Come in Every Size from Popsugar gives a nice perspective from a successful athlete.

Robertson Training Systems released Christ Duffin Super-Human Strength, an interesting chat with one of the strongest individuals and founder and owner of Kabuki Strength. Listen in

The Bar Bend shared

Alan Thrall explained that There’s more than one way to add volume, different ways to add volume, a bit of a lengthy video to be honest. Check it out

Complementary Training outlined an in-depth approach to Strength Training Planning for Combat Athletes & Exercise Selection.

Cricket World described the physical demands of the sport of Cricket and how to train for it in the article Demands on Fitness Varies in Three Different Formats.

Stack listed 20 Plank Variations That Actually Make You More Athletic, outlining different plank variations and how to perform them.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack listed 8 Mistakes I Made Training Youth Athletes (And What I Did to Fix Them), a really interesting outline of how to train youth athletes.

Nutrition Articles

Bach Performance listed 4 Fatal Muscle-Building Pitfalls And What To Do Instead, typical mistakes in the nutrition and possible alternatives.

Picture Fit asked How Much Caffeine Do You Actually Need? Outlining the results of a new study on the optimal quantity for endurance and strength performances. Check it out

The Bar Bend compared Best Nutritional Cookbooks, the different books and the pros and cons of each book.

Speed Training Articles

Outside Online explained why Even Endurance Athletes Need to Sprint, how to use the sprint reserve to improve your endurance capacity.

Stack outlined How a Unique Speed Training Program Flipped the Fortunes of Indiana Football, a data-driven approach to developing a speed training program.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics discussed

  • Heels Rising Early in Snatch or Clean Pull? Is it a bad thing, or when is it acceptable, and how to correct it. Check it out
  • Is Injury in Olympic Weightlifting Inevitable? An interesting discussion looking at the topic of injury from different angles. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared Episode #6: Clean & Jerk PR Session, more impressions of his weightlifting training camp, how to gear up towards max attempts. Check it out

Squat Articles

Robertson Training Systems asked Do You Squat Basketball Players for Strength or Power? Discussing how to use the Squat during different phases, and how to train for different goals. Check it out

The Strength House discussed Shin Angle for Split Squats and Lunges, how to find the right shin angle and different progressions for Split Squats, Lunges, and Step-Ups. Check it out

Elite FTS explained The Most Common Causes of Hip Shift in the Squat & Deadlift, a straight-forward common sense approach. Check it out

Squat University looked at the topic of Hip Mobility for a Perfect Squat. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Latestly released a simple, but straight-forward piece on the different Deadlift variations and how to use them in the article Deadlift Workout and Its Types: Why You Shouldn’t Skip This Posterior Chain Exercise Important For Lean Muscle Mass Development.

Shrugged Collective listed 4 Simple Deadlift Variations To Add To EMOM Workouts. Check it out

The Strength House demonstrated a way of Setting Up Band-Resisted Deadlifts, a simple way to set-up your bands. Check it out